In a major boost to trade connectivity between India and Oman, Asyad Group has unveiled a new Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping line that will link India’s bustling Nhava Sheva Port with Oman’s strategically located Khazaen Dry Port (KDP) via Sohar Port. This new service is set to revolutionize trade dynamics by offering reduced costs, shortened transit times, and a dependable direct route.

Key highlights of the newly launched LCL shipping line:

Weekly Service: The service is scheduled to operate weekly, ensuring a reliable and consistent option for businesses.

Cost Efficiency: Businesses can look forward to reduced shipping costs, making imports from India more financially viable.

Swift Transit: The introduction of this service will result in shorter transit times, allowing goods to reach their destinations in a more timely manner.

Asyad Logistics: Acting as the consolidator for the service, Asyad Logistics will leverage its integrated logistics ecosystem, including the highly efficient Container Freight Station (CFS) at KDP. This infrastructure advantage is coupled with Asyad Line’s popular weekly India Express Service (IEX), ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for shippers.

The launch of this service is expected to stimulate further growth in trade volume between India and Oman. Asyad Group is strategically positioned to unlock additional Indian origins through an extensive network of inland container depots. Additionally, the plan includes an expansion of the LCL service to encompass imports from Indonesia and Singapore through the recently upgraded Far East Express (FEX) service.

Mr. Ahmed Al Ibrahim, CEO of Asyad Group, noted, “This new LCL shipping line represents a significant milestone in strengthening trade ties between India and Oman. By providing more efficient and cost-effective import solutions, we are fostering growth opportunities for businesses and facilitating greater economic collaboration between our nations.”

The new LCL shipping line underscores Asyad Group’s steadfast commitment to developing Oman as a global logistics hub. With its continuous efforts to enhance logistics and port capabilities, Asyad is positioned as a crucial partner, supporting the private sector’s expanding role in logistics. These endeavors align with Asyad Group’s broader mission to solidify Oman’s standing as a global logistics powerhouse.

In summary, the introduction of the new LCL shipping line is a transformative development for trade between India and Oman. It promises cost savings, faster transit times, and enhanced reliability, ultimately benefiting businesses in both countries. Asyad Group’s forward-thinking approach exemplifies its dedication to fostering economic growth and reinforcing Oman’s position as a global logistics hub.