Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), a leading cooperative chassis pool manager,  presents the first shipment of CCM’s new build container chassis, which arrived in Savannah, US in preparation for the introduction of SACP 3.0.

SACP 3.0, the next generation of chassis pool provisioning in the South Atlantic, will begin in October and will consist of 50,000 modernised chassis to support 75 sites in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina in the United States.

The new chassis was built in Brazil by Randon and leased to CCM by Triton. The chassis arrived in Savannah via sea. For SACP 3.0 to satisfy its October operating criteria, chassis will continue to be supplied over the following six months via multiple sites.

The Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (OCEMA), the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), the Jacksonville, FL, Port Authority (JAXPORT), and the North Carolina States Port Authority (NC Ports) collaborated to create SACP 3.0, which is based on a single provider model rather than the existing multi-contributor chassis pool.

“The chassis is an essential tool in the intermodal workshop, critical to terminal efficiency and supply chain fluidity,” stated Griff Lynch, GPA executive director.

He added, “This endeavour not only ensures the steady, environmentally sound and reliable equipment we need to keep cargo moving, but it also represents a great result of industry collaboration.”

Source: Container News