In addition to the updated costs from the sea, geographic region Gulf and Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Mediterranean and North Europe, CMA CGM can implement redoubled rates to variety of destinations from the start of Feb.In specific, the French carrier can apply the subsequent charges from the Indian landmass to North Europe and also the Mediterranean from 1 February.

Direct base port rates 20ST 40ST 40HC
North West India to North European ports US$2,500 US$3,200 US$3,200
North West India to West Mediterranean ports US$2,500 US$3,200 US$3,200
South East India to North European ports US$1,800 US$2,700 US$2,700
South East India & Sri Lanka to West Mediterranean ports US$1,800 US$2,700 US$2,700

In addition, the Marseille-based line can introduce 2 instrumentation imbalance surcharges, effective from eight Feb.

The first one are going to be applied from all origins to African nation for dry wares and can be US$120/€100/£90/20′ dry instrumentality, US$240/€200/£180/40′ dry and HC, whereas the second surcharge are going to be associate degree empty instrumentation imbalance surcharge of US$300 per instrumentality from Atlantic and Mediterranean ports of France to the Far East, geographic region, Indian landmass and sea.

Moreover, CMA CGM has well-read its customers that the appliance of the tide surcharge (LWS) to all or any wares to the port of Manaus in Brazil are going to be extended to fifteen Feb. The surcharge of US$150/dry TEU and US$250/reefer unit is applied to Manaus instrumentality imports