The Directorate General of Shipping on Tuesday said the ship with around 3,000 tons of naphtha, which is skimming close to Kochi coast, was not deserted, and that the ship’s proprietors have designated a salvor who is keeping a nonstop vigil.

“It isn’t deserted. The proprietors have delegated a salvor, a nearby organization LOTS Shipping. They are keeping a vigil 27/7, constantly monitoring the circumstance,” said Capt KP Jayakumar, an official (nautical wing) of DG Shipping, Mumbai.


Requested the explanation behind the deferral in towing endlessly the vessel, he said the conversation between the proprietor and the guarantors are going on. “The ship must be rescued, and the safety net providers are currently looking at the proposition of the proprietor. They are taking a gander at the proposition cautiously and choosing what proposition is adequate to them,” Capt Jayakumar said.


The vessel Nu Shi Nalini has been drifting at 12.2 nautical miles off Kochi coast after a blast in the motor room.