In a monumental stride towards bolstering India’s maritime infrastructure, global logistics giant DP World and the Deendayal Port Authority are joining forces to embark on a transformative project: the establishment of a mega-container terminal at Tuna-Tekra, adjacent to the existing Deendayal Port in Kandla, Gujarat. This venture is poised to redefine the nation’s port landscape, enhancing trade efficiency, economic growth, and connectivity on a massive scale.

Strategic Location and Impressive Capacity

Positioned at Tuna-Tekra, in the heart of the bustling Deendayal Port in Gujarat, the upcoming terminal will boast an astounding capacity of 2.19 million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) annually. This robust capacity places it amongst India’s largest container terminals, poised to handle an immense volume of cargo and contribute significantly to the nation’s trade endeavors.

Collaboration and Vision

The ambitious project will unfold under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model for a span of 30 years, with the option for a 20-year extension. A testament to the synergy between DP World and the Government of India, the project underscores a shared vision for comprehensive infrastructure development in the maritime sector.

Investment and Timeline

With an estimated total investment of $510 million, the project stands as a resounding testament to the commitment towards fortifying India’s port ecosystem. The development is projected to conclude by 2027, poised to reshape trade dynamics in the years to come.

Sustainability and Connectivity

Embracing the green port guidelines, the mega-container terminal underscores a commitment to sustainable port operations. Beyond this, the venture is poised to establish enhanced connectivity, serving as an essential link between Northern, Western, and Central India and the global marketplace.

Boosting Economic Growth and Trade

The implications of this transformative project extend far beyond the realm of infrastructure. The terminal’s capacity augmentation at the Deendayal Port carries the potential to elevate the port’s stature, positioning it as a beacon of trade in India. The resulting economic growth and employment opportunities are anticipated to reverberate throughout the region, contributing to the realization of India’s potential as a global exports hub.

Alignment with National Vision

The mega-container terminal project aligns harmoniously with pivotal governmental initiatives such as the PM Gati Shakti Master Plan, the National Logistics Policy, and the National Infrastructure Pipeline. This alignment further underscores the commitment to modernizing and enhancing India’s trade infrastructure for a more efficient, competitive, and globally connected future.


In summary, the DP World-Deendayal Port Authority mega-container terminal project represents a historic stride in India’s maritime journey. As a testament to innovation, collaboration, and visionary planning, this landmark endeavor is anticipated to reshape the nation’s port sector, stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and amplify India’s role in global trade networks. As the project’s timeline unfolds, it promises to etch its mark on the Indian trade landscape and stand as a symbol of the nation’s ongoing commitment to excellence in maritime infrastructure.