The budget airline IndiGo had announced its partnership with Chimese Aviation Academy (CAA), towards the end of December 2020, to select and train ab initio pilots, as future junior first officers under Cadet Pilot Programme.

The budget airline announced the first batch of 15 cadets under the pilot programme will be inducted shortly, on Saturday. This programme is conducted to meet IndiGo’s fleet expansion and subsequent demand for pilots.

Captain AshimMittra, senior vice-president, flight operations at IndiGo, said on Saturday tweeted that: “We have about 4,000 pilots in IndiGo today. We are hoping for a long-term partnership with Chimes Aviation Academy. We request the government to work on a multi-crew pilot licence.”

The aviation training organization CAA has been training pilots since 2008. CAA Flying School in Madhya Pradesh is conducting IndiGo’s pilot training programmes.

Y N Sharma, the CEO and promoter of CAA had said, they hoped to be recognised as a “suitable airline flying training institution” in India and south-east Asia, during the launch of this programme in December. The pilot training programme will be available to individuals with no previous flying experience. A press release from IndiGo then had added that the programme would consist of ground school training “to appear for the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) and WPC (Wireless, Planning and Coordination) exams, Flying and Type Rating training for the cadets over a comprehensive full-time 20-month programme, which includes DGCA documentation and endorsements”.

The airline had then said that, after completing the training in Dhana, the cadets would have to go to an authorised training organization for the Multi crew Cooperation and A320 type rating stage of training.