In a resounding step towards bolstering trade infrastructure and driving economic growth, the Kolkata Port is set to offer a sprawling expanse of nearly 60 acres of its prime land for the creation of West Bengal’s maiden Multi-Modal Logistics Park (MMLP). The proposed venture is poised to transform Kolkata’s logistic landscape, promising a hub of modernized facilities that will enhance trade efficiency, generate employment opportunities, and foster regional development.

Located strategically within the Transport Depot Road, Hide Road Extension, and Sonapur Road areas of Kolkata, the allocated land is optimally positioned a mere 2 kilometers away from the bustling dock. This strategic proximity is poised to provide seamless connectivity between the port and the proposed logistics park, ushering in a new era of efficiency in cargo movement.

One of the standout features of this proposal is that the land is primed and ready for development, offering a clear path for the realization of this transformative project. To catalyze this venture, the Kolkata Port is extending a long-term lease of 30 years for the allocated land, underpinned by a base annual rent of Rs 21 crore.

As part of this ambitious plan, the Kolkata Port has stipulated a minimum guaranteed volume of cargo amounting to one million tonnes, envisioning a vibrant flow of goods that will invigorate the trade landscape. The port administration’s aspiration is that this pioneering MMLP will entice a wave of new port users, simultaneously reinvigorating the Kolkata port’s role as a pivotal trading gateway.

The potential advantages of this visionary venture are manifold, ranging from the creation of jobs to the stimulation of the regional economy. As the MMLP takes shape, it is projected to house a diverse array of facilities, including warehousing spaces, cold chain packaging facilities, commercial offices, and comprehensive transport and logistics services. The final configuration of these infrastructural amenities will be tailored to the specific operational requirements and use cases.

The timeline for this transformative endeavor is taking shape, with the last date for the submission of techno-commercial and financial bids set for September 29. As potential stakeholders gear up to participate in this groundbreaking venture, the anticipation surrounding West Bengal’s first MMLP continues to mount.

The proposal unveiled by the Kolkata Port underscores the administration’s commitment to nurturing trade innovation and propelling the region’s economic trajectory. The envisioned MMLP stands as a testament to the pivotal role of strategic infrastructure in enhancing trade efficiency, driving economic growth, and solidifying India’s position as a dynamic global trade player. As the timeline for bid submissions approaches, all eyes remain fixated on the transformative potential of this pioneering logistical endeavor.