The first methanol-fueled containership, Maersk’s new feeder ship, arrived in Europe on August 28, 2023, marking a major milestone in the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

The ship, which is named Laura Maersk, completed the port’s first green methanol bunkering, the last on its maiden voyage. The bunkering took place at the Vopak terminal in Rotterdam, and it was supplied by OCI Global.

Laura Maersk is a 2,100 TEU vessel that is designed to operate in the Baltic Sea. It is powered by two WinGD dual-fuel engines that can run on either methanol or conventional marine fuels.

The use of methanol as a fuel for containerships is still in its early stages, but Maersk’s commitment to the technology is a positive sign. The company has said that it aims to transport a minimum of 25 percent of ocean cargo using green fuels by 2030, and it has ordered a total of 24 methanol-fueled containerships.

The arrival of Laura Maersk is a significant event, and it is one that will be closely watched by the shipping industry. The success of this vessel will help to determine the future of methanol as a fuel for containerships, and it could have a major impact on the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

In a statement, Maersk CEO Soren Skou said, “The arrival of Laura Maersk is a major milestone in our journey to decarbonize our fleet. This is the first of many methanol-fueled vessels that we will be introducing in the coming years, and it is a clear signal of our commitment to reducing our emissions.”

OCI Global CEO Torbjorn Tornquist said, “We are proud to have played a role in the arrival of Laura Maersk, the first methanol-fueled containership in Europe. This is a significant milestone for the shipping industry, and it is a testament to the hard work of Maersk and OCI Global. We are committed to supporting the shipping industry in its transition to cleaner fuels, and we believe that methanol is a key part of the solution.”

The arrival of Laura Maersk is a positive development for the shipping industry, and it is a sign that the industry is taking the issue of climate change seriously. With more and more companies like Maersk committing to using cleaner fuels, the shipping industry is well on its way to decarbonizing.