Maritime Association of National Shipping Agencies (MANSA) contributes significantly to MACN-India’s anti-corruption initiatives

The Maritime Association of National Shipping Agencies (MANSA), a prominent association of maritime stakeholders in India, continues to play a pivotal role in the fight against maritime corruption through its active involvement in the Steering Committee of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)-India.

A Commitment to Integrity

MANSA’s engagement with MACN-India dates back to the inception of the Steering Committee in March 2023. In this leadership role, MANSA has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to fostering transparency, eradicating corruption, and promoting ethical practices within India’s maritime sector.

Guiding the Way Forward

The MACN-India Steering Committee, in which MANSA holds a prominent position, is entrusted with the responsibility of providing strategic direction and oversight for MACN-India’s anti-corruption endeavors. These efforts encompass quarterly meetings to assess the progress of MACN-India’s initiatives and identify new areas of focus.

Raising Awareness and Promoting Zero Tolerance

MANSA has emerged as a key influencer in raising awareness about maritime corruption among stakeholders. The association is dedicated to cultivating a culture of zero tolerance for corruption within the maritime industry, aligning with MACN-India’s core objectives.

Digital Initiatives Driving Progress

One of the notable contributions of MANSA to MACN-India’s success lies in its role in developing and implementing digital initiatives. These include the Helpdesk and the e-dashboard, which have significantly enhanced MACN-India’s capabilities.

The Helpdesk, a cornerstone of MACN-India’s efforts, has received approximately 500 Pre-Arrival Notifications (PANs) from various maritime entities, including companies, vessel masters, and agents. These PANs have been instrumental in identifying and investigating potential cases of maritime corruption, underlining the importance of collaborative reporting.

The e-dashboard is poised to become a centralized platform for tracking and monitoring maritime corruption incidents. It promises to facilitate the identification of trends and patterns in maritime corruption, further bolstering MACN-India’s efforts in this regard.

Effective Resolution of Incidents

MACN-India, with MANSA’s support, has thus far successfully addressed 16 reports of maritime corruption incidents. All these cases were promptly escalated to the relevant authorities and resolved efficiently, underscoring the efficacy of MACN-India’s approach.

Improving Port User Experience

Through the collaborative efforts of MANSA and MACN-India, positive feedback has poured in from Masters of vessels and allied stakeholders. They have noted a noticeable improvement in their port user experience in India, with a progressive reduction in instances of corruption.

A Collective Commitment

MANSA remains firmly committed to partnering with MACN-India to combat maritime corruption in India. The association firmly believes that a zero-tolerance stance against corruption is indispensable for safeguarding the integrity and reputation of the maritime industry. As this collaborative journey continues, the collective efforts of MANSA, MACN-India, and other stakeholders promise a cleaner and more transparent future for India’s maritime sector.