In a momentous occasion for the Port of Gdynia and the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT), the MSC SWAN service celebrated its inaugural direct call on August 23, 2023. This marks a significant stride in strengthening Poland’s economic ties with China and South Korea and enhancing the competitiveness of the Gdynia port.

The MSC SWAN service, a container shipping route linking European and Far Eastern ports, was reinstated by MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) in May 2023. The revamped rotation now connects ports across the globe: Qingdao – Busan – Ningbo – Yantian – Tanjung Pelepas – Antwerp – Gdynia – Gdansk – Klaipeda – Bremerhaven – King Abdullah Port – Singapore – Qingdao. The addition of Busan to this route has brought about a direct connection between the Port of Gdynia and South Korea, fostering greater trade opportunities.

The star of the show on August 23 was the colossal 318-meter container vessel, KURE, which discharged a whopping 1,320 containers at BCT and loaded nearly 2,000 containers for its return journey. Just five days later, on August 28, the MSC DOMNA X, another vessel part of the SWAN service, made its call at BCT, reaffirming the newfound connectivity.

The arrival of the MSC SWAN service is hailed as a historic milestone for BCT and the Port of Gdynia. For the first time, Poland’s second-largest container terminal enjoys direct access to the Chinese and Korean markets. This connectivity surge promises to be a boon for Polish businesses, providing them with more convenient access to these vital markets and, consequently, catalyzing the nation’s economy.

But the benefits extend further, with the Baltic Container Terminal poised to see substantial gains. The direct link to the Far East not only ensures an influx of cargo but also promises increased revenue streams. Additionally, the terminal will benefit from heightened connectivity to other European markets facilitated by the MSC SWAN service.

Here are some key features of the MSC SWAN service:

  • Weekly Frequency: The service operates on a weekly basis, ensuring consistent and reliable transportation of goods.
  • Impressive Capacity: The vessels employed in the service are a formidable 318 meters in length and boast a capacity of 14,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), making them capable of accommodating a substantial volume of cargo.
  • Significant Cargo Volume: The service is anticipated to transport over 1 million TEUs of cargo annually, underlining its pivotal role in facilitating global trade.

The arrival of the MSC SWAN service is set to redefine the maritime landscape in Gdynia and beyond. With strengthened links to the world’s most vibrant markets, this development promises to boost the Polish economy, elevate the competitiveness of the Port of Gdynia, and usher in an era of increased prosperity and growth for the region.