In a dynamic move set to enhance trade links and boost regional connectivity, Ocean Network Express (ONE) has unveiled its latest service, the Adriatic Israel Butterfly (AIB). The AIB service, launched on September 8, 2023, is poised to significantly transform maritime routes, providing shippers with efficient access to key markets in Egypt and Israel.

AIB Service Overview:
The AIB service operates on a weekly rotation, seamlessly connecting the North Adriatic region with Egypt and Israel. This innovative service is characterized by:

  • Two Loops: The AIB service comprises two loops. One loop connects the North Adriatic with Egypt, while the other connects Egypt with Israel.
  • Ports of Call: The AIB service calls at strategically located ports, including Koper, Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Piraeus, Alexandria, Damietta, Haifa, and Ashdod.
  • Operational Vessel: The maiden voyage of the AIB service is facilitated by the container vessel, ONE Apus.

Elevating Regional Connectivity:
The introduction of the AIB service is a momentous development for the North Adriatic region. Shippers and businesses in the area now have access to a dynamic and efficient route to connect with vital markets in Egypt and Israel.

ONE’s Commitment to the Region:
The launch of the AIB service underscores ONE’s steadfast commitment to the North Adriatic region and its unwavering confidence in the future of trade between the North Adriatic and the Middle East. It represents a significant stride in enhancing maritime connectivity in this vital trade corridor.

ONE’s Perspective:
Stanley Smulders, ONE’s director of Marketing and Commercial for Europe & Africa, expressed the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and partnership:

“With our new AIB service, we are able to demonstrate how ONE is committed to providing excellent, reliable, and extensive services that meet our customers’ needs. Our dedication to enhancing our products and services across the globe is only made possible when we have great partnerships with groups such as HHLA.”

Partnership with HHLA PLT Italy:
HHLA PLT Italy, a joint venture between Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT), plays a pivotal role in facilitating the AIB service. Located in Trieste, Italy, HHLA PLT Italy serves as a major hub for container traffic in the Mediterranean region.

Global Shipping Industry:
The launch of the AIB service is not only a boon for the North Adriatic region but also a positive development for the global shipping industry. By providing shippers with efficient access to markets in Egypt and Israel, ONE is contributing to the seamless flow of goods and fostering global trade.

In summary, the launch of the Adriatic Israel Butterfly (AIB) service by Ocean Network Express marks a significant milestone in enhancing regional connectivity and streamlining trade routes. It demonstrates ONE’s unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs while strengthening the North Adriatic’s role as a crucial trade corridor.