The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has taken a significant stride into the realm of international business-to-business (B2B) exports by forging a strategic partnership with Proxtera, a distinguished Singapore-based platform. This collaboration marks ONDC’s debut as an international player, offering Indian businesses an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their products on the global stage while facilitating seamless trade for international buyers.

The ONDC-Proxtera partnership is set to usher in a host of advantages for Indian businesses, fundamentally transforming the landscape of international commerce:

1. Enhanced Market Reach: Indian enterprises now have the prospect of reaching a vast global audience of buyers through the Proxtera platform. This expanded reach will empower them to explore new markets and amplify sales.

2. Cost Savings: Leveraging the Proxtera platform, Indian businesses can significantly curtail expenditures associated with marketing and promotion. This cost-efficiency is expected to bolster their competitiveness in international markets.

3. Streamlined Operations: The partnership equips Indian businesses with the tools to optimize their export operations. Proxtera’s robust infrastructure enables efficient order management and secure payment processing, enhancing the overall export experience.

4. Heightened Transparency: Indian businesses can enhance the transparency of their supply chains by utilizing Proxtera’s tracking capabilities. This fosters greater trust among international buyers, who can monitor the movement of goods with ease.

In addition to Proxtera, the ONDC is set to welcome SignCatch, headquartered in Delhi, and Rapidor from Cochin, both as inaugural participants in the international B2B seller network. and will further contribute to the expansion of ONDC’s global footprint.

This partnership is not only a significant milestone for ONDC but also a game-changer for Indian businesses seeking to break into international markets. It opens up new horizons, offering a seamless avenue for them to showcase their products on a global scale and tap into unexplored opportunities.

As Indian businesses gear up to export their products to a worldwide audience, international buyers can anticipate easier access to the rich tapestry of Indian offerings. The ONDC-Proxtera partnership is poised to facilitate and foster a vibrant exchange of goods, enhancing the global commerce landscape.

In essence, this collaboration signifies a win-win scenario for Indian businesses and international buyers alike. It simplifies the export process for Indian enterprises while granting international buyers unprecedented access to the diverse and high-quality products that India has to offer.