Network Express (ONE) is announce two new direct services from North Europe to the East Med-Levant and Marmara regions. The services, named as North Europe East Mediterranean Express (NEX) and North Europe Turkey Express (NTX), will be the first direct services between the two regions in ONE’s network.

The new direct coverage will offer customers first class transit times in the market. The inaugural services will also be calling at Moroccan and Spanish transhipment hubs, Tangier and Algeciras, connecting cargo to other worldwide destinations throughout ONE’s global network.

The first sailings for each service will be: NEX: CC ALCAZAR voy.0NV85S1MA arriving Southampton on 15th of January, NTX: NORDSUMMER voy.0HF9ES1MA arriving Southampton on 17th of January.

The service rotations are: NEX: Southampton – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Le Havre – Tangier – Malta – Alexandria (Dekheila) – Damietta – Beirut – Mersin – Iskenderun – Algeciras – Southampton.

NTX: Southampton – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Malta – Gebze – Istanbul (Ambarli) – Gemlik – Aliaga – Tangier – Southampton.