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Thursday the 25thMarch 2021.
Time 03.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Registration Charges NIL, But Prior Registration is Mandatory

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Registered Exporter system (the REX system) is the system of certification of origin of goods that applies in the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) of the European Union . It is based o­n a principle of self-certification by exporters who will make out themselves so-called statements o­n origin. To be entitled to make out a statement o­n origin, an exporter needs to be registered in the REX system and to have a valid registration. The exporters who complete o­nline applications will not become a registered exporter until the Department of Commerce activate the registration of the exporter under the REX after scrutinizing the details and information provided by the exporter and verifying the eligibility of the products for the EU GSP facility that the exporters make self-statements o­n origin.

Exporters may submit their applications to the competent authorities, who will receive such applications, verify the details therein and if accepted, these applications will be registered o­n the REX o­nce their access to REX is permitted. Upon registration with REX, they will intimate the REX registration number and it’s validity date to the exporters through email and a communication at the address indicated in the application form.Export Inspection Council (EIC) is o­ne of the Competent Authority to receive and to Verify REX Applications from the Exporters.

In order to update the participants o­n the Procedures to be followed for Registration with REX System, FIEO jointly with Export Inspection Agency (EIA) Kochi is organising an o­nline Training session o­n the subject as per the above schedule.

Senior officials from Export Inspection Agency will interact with the participants to clarify their doubts o­n the Procedures.

There is no participation Charges to attend the session. But Prior Registration is mandatory.

As seats are limited, the Registration process will be o­n First Come First Serve basis. Please send your registrations, as per the below confirmation slip, at the earliest to Mr.Rajeev.M.C, Head, FIEO Kerala Chapter, Phone – 0484-2666116/2666117 Email-, so as to enable us to confirm your seats.


Online Training Session o­n REX Registration and Procedures to Apply

Jointly organized by FIEO and Export Inspection Agency(EIA)

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