The Government introduced a comprehensive Agriculture Export Policy with the following vision:

“Harness export potential of Indian agriculture, through suitable policy instruments, to make India a global power in agriculture, and raise farmers’ income.”

Inter-alia, the objectives of the Agriculture Export policy are as under:

  1. To diversify our export basket, destinations and boost high value and value added agricultural exports, including focus on perishables.
  2. To promote novel, indigenous, organic, ethnic, traditional and non-traditional Agri products exports.
  • To provide an institutional mechanism for pursuing market access, tackling barriers and dealing with sanitary and phytosanitary issues.
  1. To strive to double India’s share in world agri exports by integrating with global value chains.
  2. To enable farmers to get benefit of export opportunities in overseas market.

As part of the Agriculture Export Policy (AEP), several unique product-district clusters have been identified for export promotion, based on factors like existing production and export endowments, scalability of operations, size of the export  market / India’s share, and the potential for increase in exports. The list of indicative clusters identified in the AEP is at Annexure-I.