The three new shipping services are a Southeast Asia service providing by Evergreen Marine, which will establish a fast and low-cost shipping logistics channel between the ports in Shandong and Malaysia.

A Vietnam service from Wan Hai Lines/Interasia, which is the direct reefer service between Qingdao port and Southeast Asia.

And, a India service from Wan Hai Lines/Interasia/Zim/Korea Marine Transport, adding to direct shipping service for Qingdao and the South Asia region.

China recently signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement with other Asia-Pacific countries, promoting for openness and cooperation.

Shandong Port Group said the signing of RCEP will provide great opportunities for the ports in Shandong to strengthen cooperation with Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

With the opening of the new services, Shandong ports are currently served by 305 international container shipping links.