TAIWAN’s Yang Ming Marine Transport held a naming service for its 2,940-TEU YM Credibility at CSBC’s Kaohsiung shipyard as of late.

Among the arrangement of ten 2,940-TEUers worked at the CSBC shipyard, YM Credibility will be the seventh. It is furnished with 353 reefer attachments and travels at 21 bunches.

The newbuilding embraces the Sea Sword Bow configuration to improve energy proficiency and advance hydrodynamic exhibitions, said Yang Ming.

The execution of its electronic controlled fuel infusion motor with low-load tuning Exhaust Gas Bypass (EGB) fuel control framework and the establishment of scrubber will effectively decrease outflows of NOx and SOx, and empower Yang Ming’s worldwide armada to achieve both upper hands in sea natural security and operational proficiency.

YM Credibility will be conveyed to Yang Ming’s Taiwan-Philippines direct assistance (TPE administration) among Kaohsiung and Manila.