In an exciting development for the burgeoning Vizhinjam Port on the southern coast of India, the project cargo vessel, Zhen Hua 15, is set to make its maiden call. The vessel has embarked on a journey from the East China Sea, carrying valuable cargo for the rapidly developing transshipment port in Kerala.

Zhen Hua 15’s cargo includes one quay crane and two yard cranes, all fabricated in China. These heavy-duty machines are vital components for the efficient functioning of the Vizhinjam international seaport, making this maiden voyage a crucial milestone in the port’s growth.

The freighter set sail on August 31 from Shanghai, China, bound for Vizhinjam Port. Its journey involves unloading project cargo that will be used to handle containers at the port, marking a significant step forward in the port’s development.

Vizhinjam Port authorities placed an order for these cranes with M/s ZPMC (Zhenhua Port Machinery Company), based in Shanghai, China. This strategic move is part of Kerala’s government plans to fulfill its promise to the people by bringing the first vessel to the under-construction port by September.

For the successful berthing and unloading of the project cargo vessel, the port requires a berth length of 275 meters, out of the total 800 meters required for Phase 1 of the project. Additionally, 2,400 meters of breakwater out of the total 2,960 meters also need completion to accommodate this significant maritime event.

Zhen Hua 15, the maiden vessel to arrive at Vizhinjam, boasts a carrying capacity of 46,671 deadweight tonnes (DWT), with a current draught of 9 meters. Its length overall (LOA) measures 233.3 meters, with a width of 42 meters. However, it’s important to note that berthing larger vessels, known as mother vessels, would require a 400-meter-long berth, as these vessels typically measure 400 meters in length.

A source involved in the project highlighted the future potential, stating, “We need to ensure over 400 meters for berthing such mother vessels. When we commission an 800-meter berth in Phase 1, we will be able to berth a mother vessel and a feeder vessel simultaneously along the 800-meter berth.”

The arrival of Zhen Hua 15 at Vizhinjam Port not only marks a significant step in the port’s development but also underscores the region’s growing importance in India’s maritime trade network. As construction progresses and infrastructure expands, Vizhinjam Port is poised to become a key player in the nation’s economic growth and trade connectivity.

With the promise of further growth and investment, Vizhinjam Port is set to make waves in India’s maritime industry, and Zhen Hua 15’s inaugural call is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards prosperity and progress.