JAPAN’s Singapore-headquartered Ocean Network Express (ONE) has stopped accepting bookings for reefer imports to Xiamen in China due to the congestion in the ports caused by the slowdown in the reefer container pick-up activities.

The carrier has halted bookings of all reefer commodities bound for and/or transshipping via Xiamen from December 9 due to stricter customs inspections and disinfection requirements for reefer commodities which have been implemented in a number of Chinese ports.

ONE has previously announced the suspension of cargo acceptance in the Port of Huangpu, located in China’s southern Guangdong province as well as a number of other southern Chinese ports.

The company noted in its announcement that for containers in transit, it suggests customers consider a change of destination to other alternative ports, especially for time-sensitive cargoes such as fresh, chilled commodities.

For reefer boxes which are already in transit to Xiamen and/or being held at the transshipment port for further connection to Xiamen, ONE said that all related costs will be on consignee’s account and payable upon delivery, reports London’s Container News.

“We are closely monitoring the situation,” added the shipping company.