Greater China Yantian/Shekou/Nansha Port Operations update

After a six-day stop on export containers in the end of May, the current situation in the Port of Yantian is looking up. The yard density is down to 65% making overall productivity increase to 85% of normal levels. The congestion in Yantian is clearing up, but noting that when one port is impacted it can become a downward spiral for neighbouring ports.To see the most current numbers, please click here

Previously we have communicated that 19 of our mainline services were impacted by the congestion in Yantian and the current outlook has led us to update our plans accordingly. Deciding which port to divert to will always be made with the objective of minimising supply chain delays and we ask that you bear with us while we manage this situation as best as we can. While being mindful and carefully managing input and output, here is the latest forward looking transition plan for Yantian.

Resuming operations from Yantian will be done in a controlled manner to avoid new bottlenecks and Ahmed Bashir, Head of our Global Execution Centres, puts some words on the workings behind the scenes:

In giving you this information, we hope you have sufficient time to manage your supply chain accordingly, which is of the utmost importance to us. Should the current outlook change, we will update our plans and inform you accordingly. Please note that you can use our interactive map functionality to track any Maersk vessel in real time and gain access to AI-powered predictive analysis and estimated times of arrival (ETA) via our Hub. Click here to login to the Hub.

Throughout this process we aim to give as much clarity and notice as possible, but please note that we will be emailing you less frequently. Please continue to visit for all the latest updates. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your local Maersk professional.