An Air India flight, AI175, en route from Bengaluru, India, to San Francisco, California, encountered a minor technical issue necessitating an unscheduled stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. The Boeing 777-200LR aircraft was carrying approximately 300 passengers.

Technical Issue Not Affecting Safety:

  1. The airline clarified that the technical issue prompting the stopover was not related to safety concerns.
  2. The specific nature of the technical problem was not disclosed.

Smooth Stopover in Anchorage:

  1. Flight AI175 safely landed at Anchorage International Airport at 10:20 PM local time.
  2. After a brief stopover, the aircraft departed for its intended destination, San Francisco, at 12:18 AM local time.
  3. The total delay was less than four hours, ensuring minimal disruption for passengers.

Passenger Welfare a Priority:

  1. Air India promptly provided food and accommodation for passengers during the Anchorage stopover.
  2. The flight ultimately arrived at San Francisco International Airport at 4:20 AM local time.

Repeat of June 2023 Incident:

  1. This incident echoes a similar event in June 2023 when an Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco had to make an emergency landing in Magadan, Russia, also due to a technical issue.

Longest Non-Stop Flight:

  1. Air India has been operating the longest non-stop flight from India to San Francisco since 2016.
  2. This marathon journey covers a distance of over 16,000 kilometers and takes more than 16 hours to complete.

Investigation Underway:

  1. Air India has initiated an investigation into the cause of the technical issue.
  2. The airline is committed to implementing measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

In summary, Air India’s AI175 experienced a minor technical issue that necessitated a short stopover in Anchorage, Alaska, during its journey from Bengaluru to San Francisco. The airline ensured passenger comfort and safety throughout the incident and has launched an inquiry to determine the root cause of the issue.