Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) facilitated the transportation of a total 1.9 lakh tonnes of cargo between July to September 2021.

Automotive parts were seen to be the highest transported goods contributing 24 percent to the overall general cargo, while pharmaceutical goods contributed to 20 percent, electricals/ electronics at 9 percent, engineering goods at 8 percent, agro products/perishables at 6 percent and rest was contributed by other goods such as chemicals, garments, dangerous goods and live animals. Furthermore, with the ongoing wave of the pandemic, critical life-saving medicines and equipment continue to be the need of the hour.

CSMIA’s air cargo processed 62,764 tonnes of general cargo in July 2021 and witnessed around 64,600 tonnes of cargo in September 2021. The airport witnessed the movement of over 3,696 international flights carrying over 1,36,353 tonnes as well as around 54,090 tonnes of cargo with over 16,615 domestic flights during this period. Airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines catered to the highest tonnage in this period with 15,871, 14,149 and 9,255 tonnages respectively.

In terms of domestic routes, IndiGo saw the highest tonnage of 14,191 MT followed by Blue Dart and Air India with 13,230 and 10,291 tonnages respectively. At the same time USA, Germany, China, and UAE emerged as the most frequent destinations in terms of cargo interaction with CSMIA.

CSMIA’s EXIM movement witnessed an 8 percent growth in imports of pharmaceuticals goods, while the overall category contributed around 20 percent. In the Q3 of CY2021, CSMIA has exported over 184 million doses of Covid vaccines weighing over 9,562 tonnes to countries across the globe. Where total of 9 mn doses were shipped to Dhaka, making it the country receiving highest doses of vaccines from CSMIA, while 7mn and 4mn were transported to Morocco and Brazil. Additionally, CSMIA’s air cargo has processed over 27,459 tonnes of Covid relief supplies and medical cargo. The air cargo has registered the arrival of approximately 2,367 flights originating from USA with 1,277 tonnes of medical cargo, while 1,167 and 969 tonnes of were imported from Germany and Belgium. Moreover, CSMIA’s air cargo exported over 2,262 tonnes of medical cargo to USA with 963 tonnes of cargo, while Nigeria and South Africa saw 902 and 655 tonnages respectively.

CSMIA has a cargo handling capacity with 4,50,000 MT per annum and 900 tonnes per day.

Source : ITLN