Blue Dart announces paperless transactions on their new digital portal for all its vendor partners this world environment day on June 5, 2021.

“The online launch event of this paperless technology is a registered event with UNEP for the celebrations of world environment day. Under the group’s new sustainability roadmap, Blue Dart has made significant investments in developing future-ready technology that can protect the environment and at the same time deliver excellence in a sustainable way,” reads the release.

Blue Dart has executed over 50 percent of its customer invoices online and is working towards achieving a 100 percent transition. Manufacturing paper is energy-intensive; one A4 sheet requires approximately 50 watt-hours. Going paperless will help conserve energy, reduce CO2 emissions, avoid deforestation, protect the natural habitat and strengthen forest-based livelihood opportunities for the surrounding communities.

Balfour Manuel, managing director, Blue Dart said, “We are a purpose-driven organisation and have always kept sustainability and living responsibility at the centre of all our operations. This initiative is our endeavour to inculcate sustainable business practices and at the same time raise the bar on innovation. Blue Dart is a market leader and we believe that if we navigate through our sustainability roadmap, we will be able to contribute to reducing India’s and in the larger scheme of things, the World’s climate change issue – one step at a time. It is up to the world’s large organizations and the conglomerates to change the future landscape of Global Warming and Blue Dart is proud to be taking several steps forward to aid this cause.”

Aneel Gambhir, CFO, Blue Dart said, “In the journey of being an ESG compliant organisation, we have identified sustainable ways to carry out business operations. We are committed to giving back to the community in which we operate and at the same time, we are doing all that it takes to restore and protect our environment. The pandemic era combined with climate change emphasises the urgent need for organisations to invest in the ecosystem before it’s too late.”

Source: ITLN