BPCL, CONCOR, SCI, LIC IPO and more: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a special high-level meeting on disinvestment of public sector units on February 24, said Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi.  This will be a crucial meeting as it will be led by the Prime Minister himself and holds importance as the focus will be to push disinvestment in an effective way, he said, adding that Union Finance Minister and DIPAM secretary will also take part in the meeting. Talking about this meeting, Zee Business Managing Editor said if the Prime Minister is taking stock of the development on disinvestment, it clearly indicates that the government is serious about it and any development on this front will be made soon. BPCL disinvestment will be top on agenda during Wednesday’s meeting and the government would want that some development in this regard is made before March itself.  

He said the government would also ensure that BPCL divestment is done on a good price and on strong note so that a tempo is set for other disinvestment of government companies, he added.

Chetan Bhutani of Zee Business told Anil Singhvi that the focus will be on disinvestment of BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation), CONCOR and SCI. “As the government has made announcement in the regard in the budget, the government will try to complete the disinvestment exercise in this Financial Year itself. My sources say that there will be a discussion on privatization of two government banks as well. Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, Indian Overseas Bank and Central Bank are in the race for privatization. Two banks among them will be shortlisted for privatization,” Bhutani said.  

Change in banking rules to facilitate privatization is also on the cards. AIR India, Pawan Hans disinvestment and LIC IPO will also be discussed by Prime Minister with the Union Finance Minister and DIPAM officials.