Abu Dhabi Ports Logistics, part of AD Ports Group has been awarded the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) accreditation by Bureau Veritas, strengthening its position in the field of handling and storage pharmaceutical products and vaccines.

“Securing the Good Distribution Practice accreditation from Bureau Veritas which is one of the world’s most prominent certification bodies, is an accomplishment in the healthcare and pharma cold and non-cold chain logistics space, and serves as a testament to our team’s commitment to customer care,” stated Robert Sutton, Head of Logistics Cluster of AD Ports Group.

The pharmaceutical cold and ultra-cold storage facility in the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) allows serving customers against both the European Union (EU) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards simultaneously, which opens up expansion opportunities in the global market.

Abu Dhabi Ports’ Logistics is the first United Arab Emirates (UAE) organisation to have secured accreditation for both standards, as well as one of the few in the Middle East to hold that distinction.

“We now hold the distinction as being the first healthcare organisation in the UAE to be GDP certified against the EU and WHO standards for pharmaceutical and medical supply distribution, and one of the few in the Middle East to hold both,” said Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of AD Ports Group.

He also noted that the Group’s aim is to continue elevating its healthcare logistics and pharma cold and non-cold chain service capabilities to new heights and to support the growth of Abu Dhabi’s and the UAE’s healthcare sector.

As part of the accreditation audit process, Abu Dhabi Ports Logistics’ healthcare vertical was evaluated against a range of management and operational processes across its logistical activities.

The audit confirmed that the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products, vaccines, consumables, cosmetics, consumer goods, hospital supplies, medical devices, and medical equipment were maintained at prescribed standards at its storage hub and throughout its supply chain.

Last but not least, the GDP accreditation also considered measures put into place by Abu Dhabi Ports Logistics’ healthcare vertical to ensure continued enhancement of operations, control processes, and training of staff, for enhancement product delivery experience and customer satisfaction.

Source: Container-News