Indian airports reported a 53 percent increase in cargo carried to 1.84 million tonnes for the first seven months of the current financial year (April-October) compared to 1.2 million tonnes in the corresponding period last fiscal.

While domestic cargo movement increased 55 percent to 673,770 tonnes, international cargo movement increased 52 percent to 1.2 million tonnes, according to data released by the Airports Authority of India.

International flights increased 69 percent to 20,400, and international passengers increased to 2.22 million. Domestic passengers flying across airports increased 69 percent to 17.42 million.

International airports (15) reported a 57 percent increase in cargo carried to 205,184 tonnes for international freight. Joint venture international airports (7) witnessed 49 percent increase in international cargo to 920,715 tonnes.

For domestic cargo, international airports witnessed 58 percent increase to 122,896 tonnes.

Chennai, Mumbai airports log over 50 percent growth in intl freight
Chennai international airport reported a 59 percent increase in international freight to 169.172 tonnes, and Mumbai airport saw 54 percent increase to 331,876 tonnes.

Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore international airports also witnessed over 50 percent or nearly 50 percent increases in international freight.

Satyaki Raghunath, chief strategy and development officer, Bangalore International Airport

“If you look at exports and the commodity mix, it’s agriculture perishables (26 percent) with manufacturing, textiles (13 percent) and pharma and chemicals (16 percent),” said Satyaki Raghunath, chief strategy and development officer, Bangalore International Airport. “These are headed to the Middle East (28 percent), Europe (27 percent), North America (15 percent), ASEAN nations (10 percent), Far East (7 percent) and Africa (7 percent).”

Varanasi, Mumbai report nearly doubling of domestic freight
Varanasi international airport saw 95 percent increase in domestic freight to 2,452 metric tonnes. Mumbai airport reported an 89 percent increase to 120,962 tonnes.

Source: ITLN