Heng Tong vessel belonging to a Hong Kong company lost anchors and started drifting towards shallow waters, says KPT


An operation to rescue vessel of a private shipping company, which got stuck off Karachi coast on early Wednesday, has been stopped due to rough weather conditions.

The vessel, MV Heng Tong 77 belonging to a Hong Kong based shipping company, lost anchors and started drifting towards shallow waters near Karachi in the wee hours of Wednesday, said Karachi Port Trust (KPT) in a statement on its official Twitter handle.

Hang Tong got stuck due to high sea waves and faulty engine while it was returning after offloading shipments at the Karachi port.

“M.V. HENG TONG 77 was anchored in our territorial waters for a crew change. It never entered or sailed in the KPT Harbour. Due to extreme rough weather, the vessel lost anchors and started drifting towards shallow waters in the early hours of the morning,” said KPT in a tweet.

By the time the vessel informed KPT of her drifting, the KPT said it was already in shallow waters.

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) was also alerted by KPT immediately and KPT Navigation Channel has not been impacted, the port authority added.

Furthermore, KPT Marine Pollution staff is closely monitoring the situation.

“Salvaging of the vessel is the responsibility of the Ship-owner. All consequential marine and environmental damages will be on account of the owner. Operational and technical assistance is available to the ship owner,” said the KPT.

 Source: Tribune