Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management, the joint venture between (Delhi International Airport) DIAL and Celebi Ground Handling today announced that it has been accredited with IATA CEIV Pharma certification for its cargo and warehouse operations.

IATA CEIV Pharma certification addresses the industry’s need for more safety, security, compliances, and ensures national and international compliance to safeguard product integrity to its destination while addressing specific air cargo needs.

“Given the current scenario, the air cargo industry is calling for higher standards when transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. To cope with the growing expectation for standardization, the certification ensures international and national compliance to safeguard product integrity to its destination,” reads the release.
From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Çelebi has been working dedicatedly on preparing proficient handling scenarios for the import and export of various types of vaccines, pharma, medical aid, and oxygen containers in a safe and efficient way. Vaccines, in general, must be handled in line with international regulatory requirements at a controlled temperature and without delay to ensure the quality of the product. For this, Çelebi has been investing in restructuring and redesigning new material handling systems that are intelligent and advanced technology-driven. With this CEIV certification, Celebi will be capable of building additional certified temperature control rooms as required.

Kamesh Peri, CEO, Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management, said, “This is a prestigious certification to have, especially in present times with the highest standards expected in handling temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. We have achieved it after a thorough audit process performed by IATA who assessed and found our quality systems, infrastructure, procedures, and policies to be in absolute compliance. This was made possible by our committed team and I am very proud of their tireless & brilliant efforts.”

Çelebi is working closely with its customers to understand their specific requirements and is more than ready to meet expectations with a state-of-the-art Pharmaceutical Logistics Centre spread over a 1200 sqm area. The centre has a pre-cool facility and four chambers within the range of +15⁰c and -20⁰c, with a capacity of 72,000 MT annually. Recently, Çelebi also achieved GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certification for its Exports Pharma Logistics Centre and Pharma Processing Facility in Import for Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal.

The terminal today transacts close to 600,000 tonnes of cargo, which is almost double of what it used to do a decade ago before Çelebi took it over in partnership with DIAL. Çelebi has made investments of over $220 million in its decade long presence in India.

Source : ITLN