THE Chittagong Port is prioritising feeder vessels that are carrying 100-TEU boxes bound for Pangaon Inland Container Terminal (ICT), reports Dhaka’s Financial Express.
The port authorities declared the facility was earlier entitled only for feeder vessels that carry at least 150 TEU.
A senior Chittagong official declared that the Pangaon ICT is yet to attract adequate users despite its location very close to the capital.
“Therefore, we are trying to offer various facilities to attract exporters and importers to use the terminal,” said the official.
The official stated multiple measures are underway to make the terminal attractive for export-import trade, including the berthing of vessels at the port.
Other major steps include keeping the cost of use of Pangaon ICT and Kamalapur Inland Container Depot similar so that shippers also use the water terminal more often for carrying goods.

Source: shippingazette