As there are always BETTER WAYS to address a market, CMA CGM – Short Sea Lines Division is pleased to announce our TMX 1.2 service launching as from WEEK 23, the faster ever maritime bridge between TURKEY | SPAIN | FRANCE | ALGERIA.

This new weekly Pendulum service (starting ex Ambarli on June 8th, 2022 with m/v “CONTSHIP FUN”) is resulting from a re-shuffling of our SSL INTRAMED services. Our TMX product is composed out of 4 loops [TMX 1 ; TMX 1.2 ; TMX 3 ; TMX 4]

Main features are the following:

  • Fleet3 vessels x 1,100 TEUS nominal capacity
  • Frequency: WEEKLY
  • 1st callAmbarli: Wed. 8/6/2022 | 1st call Barcelona: 15/6 | 1st call Marseille: 17/6 | 1st call Bejaia: 20/6 | 1st call Annaba: 22/6
  • Ocean TRANSIT TIME references: Aliaga to Barcelona in 4 days, to Marseille in 6 days, to Bejaia in 9 days ; Marseille to Bejaia in 1 day
  • This WEST TURKEY → SPAIN / FRANCE Express service will provide new gateway possibilitiesto route your cargo destined to other Western Europe locations (Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc).
  • This greeneroption aiming at optimizing your transportation lead-time, your frequency and your costs is a consistent alternative to traditional Truck flows from Turkey to Western Europe.
  • Our strong intermodal networkcombined with shortened vessels port stay (< 12 hrs), Express Terminal Gate in/Cut off and a special container equipment fleet of 45’ Pallet Wide will foster an optimized supply chain dynamic.
  • At last, this Pendulum Service will provide the fastest transit timesfrom TURKEY / SPAIN / FRANCE to ALGERIA

Source : CMA-CGM