The first-ever Reefer export train from ICD Balli, Goa terminal was received at JNPT. The transit time from final departure at Balli till placement at Port was less than 22 hours.

There was an over 50% increase in fisheries exports from Goa in 2021-22 compared to the previous year.

Goa has exported 36,057 tonne of fish bringing in Rs 730 crore during the financial year 2021-22. In 2020-21, the state exported 16,549 tonne of fish, which brought in a revenue of Rs 435.25 lakh.

Majority of the exports — 29,426 tonne — in 2021-22 were to South East Asia. The USA and China were also major buyers with 1,569 tonne shipped to the USA and 2,593 tonne to China.

Compared to this, exports to South East Asia stood at 9,055 tonne in 2020-21. However, besides South East Asia, Goa also saw large orders from the European Union (EU) and the Middle East besides China that year.

Frozen fish accounts for the highest quantity of seafood exported to various nations yearly. In 2021-22, 28,104 tonne of frozen fish were exported compared to 7,909 tonne the previous financial year.

Other types of seafood exported are shrimps, frozen cuttlefish and frozen squid, among others.

While fish exports to the Middle East and the European Union dropped, exports to Japan, South East Asia and the USA increased steadily last year.

Fish export details are monitored by the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA). Earlier Goa used to have its own MPEDA office in Panaji. Halarnkar said in the legislative assembly question (LAQ) that the export details are being monitored by MPEDA, Mangalore in Karnataka which functions under the department of commerce, government of India.

Source : maritimegateway