Container ship MUZAH ran aground at Jazirat As Sawdah island coast, Khuriya Muriya islands, east of Salalah, Oman, on May 23. Hull was breached in engine room area, which was flooded. The ship issued distress signal, Royal Oman Air Force scrambled helicopter and evacuated all 12 crew, including 6 Syrian and 6 Indian nationalities. The ship reportedly sank, but probably not, she seems to be aground with both anchors dropped. Understood she anchored but coulnd’t hold on, and drifted in shallow waters. As of 0620 UTC May 24, no AIS during last 18 hours. The ship was en route from Mukalla, Yemen, probably to Dubai UAE, she was trading between Mukalla and UAE ports during last 12 months, at least.

Source : Maritime-News