At least 11 container stacked on cargo deck of container ship INTERASIA CATALYST caught fire while the ship was sailing in Andaman sea en route from Port Klang Malaysia to Cochin, India. According to track, fire, most probably, started early in the morning April 5, the ship turned back and headed for Port Klang in the afternoon same day, reaching Port Klang in the morning April 7. She was anchored at Port Klang and as of evening April 10, remained at anchor. As of 1140 UTC April 10, firefighting is probably still under way, with at least 1 tug at INTERASIA CATALYST side, or maybe it’s an aftermath after fire.

4 tugs reportedly were deployed in firefighting active phase, with fire teams boarding container ship. Understood some 35 were affected, extent of damages unknown.


Firefighting on board of INTERASIA CATALYST is still going on, with 47 firefighters deployed. Firefighters managed to extinguish fire in 5 containers, but fire spread to 6 neighboring containers. All the containers are said to be loaded with industrial gods.

The last major container fire of the century in the shipping industry, the Maersk Honam on March6, 2018, The same dangerous goods, the same is India route, when the scene of the fire calendar in the eye, so far so that many cargo owners heart cut!

Source: Maritime-News