COSCO Shipping has announced the completion of the maiden voyage of the Indian Ocean Service, with the first container ship of the service having berthed at Yangpu International Container Terminal in China.

The Indian Ocean Service constitutes another ocean intercontinental service line connected with the operated by Hainan Harbor and Shipping Holding Co., Ltd, Yangpu, following the opening of the first intercontinental transoceanic service route at Hainan Free Trade Port in September 2020.

COSCO said that it marked the improvement in the capacity of Yangpu International Container Terminal, after expansion and renovation in accommodating service on major regional ocean routes, laying the foundation for Yangpu to embrace major international service routes and promote the upgrading of transport capacity.

The Chinese shipping company has built up a new pattern of development with Yangpu as a hub that serves both domestic and foreign trade, covering ASEAN, South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Since the opening of Hainan’s first ocean route that connects with the New Western Land-Sea Corridor in Yangpu in December 2018, COSCO Shipping has opened five additional domestic trade routes, ten foreign trade routes and seven groups of domestic and foreign trade routes under ship sharing mode here.

So far, the domestic trade routes have basically covered major basic ports in China’s coastal regions, and the foreign ones have fully covered the coastal ASEAN countries and further extended to the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Source: Container-News