CHITTAGONG Port Authority (CPA) chairman Mohammad Shahjahan has declared there was no longer any container congestion at the port, with exports and imports flowing smoothly, reports the Dhaka Independent.

“Exports and imports are running smoothly. The container storage capacity of the port is now around 49,000 TEU while container storage is around 35,000 TEU now,” said Rear Admiral Shahjahan.

He stated that port authority will meet stakeholders to plan for keeping the container handling smooth in the future.

Despite the Covid crisis, the Chittagong port made a new record of handling over three million TEU during the fiscal year of 2020 to 2021.

Over 300,000 TEU were handled through the country’s prime seaport during the FY21, up from 270,000 TEU last year.

Imported goods were 16.5 million TEU and 14.3 million TEU in exports.

Source: Schednet