The Directorate General of Shipping had issued instructions to all Major and Minor Ports for dealing with novel coronavirus  (COVID-19) pandemic vide DGS Order No. 04 of 2020.

The Para 12 to 16 of the said order provided instructions with regards to vessels arriving from ports of infected countries identified for mandatory quarantine and travel ban by MoHFW, Govt. of India before 14 days of departure from the infected port. However representation have been received from stakeholder to review the DGS Order 04 of 2020 to remove the mandatory quarantine period of 14 days, so that the vessels are not required to wait for their berthing turn. In view of the difficulties expressed by the stakeholders, it has been decided that the Mandatory quarantine period of 14 days mentioned at Para 13 of the DGS Order 04 of 2020 shall not be insisted. 

Further, if any of the crew member of vessels that have not completed 14 days from the last port of call are required to disembark from the vessel, the following would be complied with in addition to the requirements specified in the Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] issued by this Directorate from time to time;

  1. The shipping companies or their agents shall make arrangements for RT-PCR testing of all Such crew disembarking from such vessels in coordination with concerned port & health authorities.
  2. Such crew member shall test negative by RT-PCR for COVID-I9 before disembarking from the ship.
  3. Such crew member shall agree to self-monitor their health and report to relevant authorities if suffering from any sign, or symptoms suggestive of COVID.
  4. Such crew member shall comply with the laid down guidelines on physical distancing, hand hygiene and use of masks.
  5. Such crew member shall minimize their contact with the general public.

All other provisions of the said DGS Order No. 04 of 2020 will continue to be applicable. 

In addition, measures prescribed by Ministry of Health &Family Welfare [MoHFW], Ministry of Ports, Shipping Inland Waterways [MoPSW], World Health Organization [WHO], International Maritime Organization [IMO] and this Directorate shall continue to be complied with as applicable.

This DGS order 35 of 2020 is issued with the concurrence of the Ministry of Health& Family Welfare communicated vide letter F. No. 22801513I2120-EMR dated 29.1I.2020 and Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways communicated vide letter F.No. CD-150201212020-MA (339374) dated 11.12.2020.