After dilly-dallying for over three years, the state government has readied Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for construction of two cargo jetties – at Manchineallapet in Srikakulam and Chinthapalli in Visakhapatnam.

AMARAVATI: After dilly-dallying for over three years, the state government has readied Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for construction of two cargo jetties – at Manchineallapet in Srikakulam and Chinthapalli in Visakhapatnam. The DPR for construction of another jetty at Budagatlapalem in Srikakulam is expected to be ready shortly. The state government is gearing up to float tenders for construction of the new jetties.

In fact, the state government had proposed construction of new jetties in seven locations including Budagatlapalem, Chinthapalli, Manchineelapeta, Bhimili, Visakhapatnam fishing harbour, Rajayyapeta and Biyyaputhipa almost two years ago. The state requested the Centre to grant the financial assistance to take up the projects for the benefit of the fishermen under Coastal Berth Scheme (CBS), which is part of Sagaramala project. The Centre readily agreed to extend its support and directed the state government to ready the DPRs but it asked the state government to give 50 per cent as matching grant to its support.

Sources said that each project would cost around Rs 30-40 crore. The delay in readying the blue-print and unwillingness of the state government to share the burden is believed to have resulted in the delay of launching the project works.

The state government had recently communicated to the Centre that the experts had visited the locations and submitted their reports on Manchineelapetta, Chinthapalli and Budagatlapalem. It said that it was waiting for inputs from the experts on the remaining four locations. “The nodal officer is being persuaded for the pending inputs. We will forward the inputs as and when we receive,” the state told the union ministry of shipping and ports.

According to sources, the government had finalized the DPRs for Manchineelapetta and Chinthapalli and had uploaded the required documents for final clearance from the Centre. It also said that the DPR for Budagatlapalem was under finalization and the documents would be uploaded shortly. It said that DPRs of other locations, including Visakhapatnam fishing harbour, were pending due to the delay of inputs.

The Centre is of the view that a floating structure, because of its inherent advantages, is an attractive solution. The floating jetties have the advantage over the conventional quay and fixed concrete structures as they are a cost-effective solution and much cheaper than the price of conventional structures. Also setting up of floating structures is much faster when compared to conventional jetties. Usually, floating structures can be built in 6-8 months as compared to 24 months for conventional structures and its environmental impact is minimal. “Expansions are easily feasible due to modular construction techniques,” the Centre said.

Source : Times of India