For India’s green future, the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways is aiming to reduce travel distance, reduce travel time and reduce carbon footprint. According to the ministry, the government is planning a network of Ro-Pax services like Hazira-Ghogha Ro-Pax Ferry Service across the country’s vast coastline and inland waterways. The ministry claimed that through Hazira-Ghogha Ro-Pax Ferry Service, around 33,13,000 lakh litres of fuel can be saved annually. Last year, in the month of November, the Ro-Pax terminal at Hazira was inaugurated as well as the Ro-Pax Ferry Service was flagged off between Hazira and Ghogha in the state of Gujarat by PM Narendra Modi.


According to PM Modi, this better connectivity will benefit everyone. He said the RO-PAX Ferry Service between Hazira and Ghogha has made dreams come true for those living in Saurashtra and South of Gujarat, as the journey is shortened from 10 – 12 hours to three – four hours. The Prime Minister also had mentioned that this Ferry Service will save time and will reduce expenses. According to him, nearly 80,000 passenger trains, as well as 30,000 trucks, will be able to take advantage of this new service in a year.

Recently, on the occasion of World Environment Day (on June 5), the PM said that multi-modal connectivity will directly benefit clean transportation. Besides, it is said that the ministry is planning to create a greener and cleaner port ecosystem under its Project Green Ports. Under this, the ministry aims to achieve sustainable economic growth through the promotion of energy-efficient practices as well as adopting renewable energy alternatives. Following are some Green Ports initiatives:

  • Effective monitoring plan
  • Proactive pollution prevention plan
  • Setting up of sewage water treatment plants and garbage disposal plants
  • Setting up of renewable energy projects
  • Creating Oil Spill Response (OSR) facilities
  • Prohibition of garbage disposal in sea

Source: Financial Express