T.S. Lines Group was established on July 6th 2001. At the time of establishment, T.S. Lines primarily provided services to customers in the geographical scope of Intra-Asia. The first campaign slogan was “We Deliver Service in Asia”. While the company logo adapted from the original abbreviation TS to the logo of the globe with latitude and longitude lines, the development stands for the company’s expansion and growth. Through top management’s leadership and all the diligence of employees during the struggles at the beginning, T.S. Lines gradually boost up and become one of the most important shipping companies in the world.

In 2021, Shipping market has seen great growth. T.S. Lines has entered its 20th year this year and seized the growth opportunity with immediate and flexible actions by newbuilding and vessel purchasing, anticipating the market trends as well as predicting the shortage of container and then deployed new equipment since the fourth quarter of last year. As the result in 2020, the company’s annual profit reached historically high with NTD 6 billion. Indeed, the first-quarter profit this year is even greater than 2020 full-year profit. The initial target of annual profit sets by NTD 10 billion is expected to achieve in the first half of the year. The company aimed the annual cargo volume to 1.9 million Teu with 11% annual growth rate and a turnover of NTD 46 billion by 70% increasing. In an aggressive prospect, the target of annual profit raises up to NTD 17 billion with EPS 43 NTD.

T.S. Lines planned to increase the proportion of owned vessels in the fleet of ships up to 50%  two years ago. In 2020, five 4300~5600 Teu vessels, one 2500 Teu vessel and two 1800 Teu vessels were purchased and joined the operation in services. Even the purchasing cost was over 100 million U.S. dollars, but the vessel price is rather at the low level which brought the sufficient cost effects to the daily running cost instead of charter hire. In July, one 1000 Teu vessel and one 1800 Teu vessel will be delivered, in addition, one 6300 Teu vessel will be delivered in the fourth quarter this year. In view of the market of chartering vessel is consistently robust and the new shipbuilding order will start taking delivery in 2023~2024, the company’s strategy is to cut down the charter cost and keep searching the best vessel aligned with the 2023 IMO GHG strategy in the current market for the fleet expansion.

To abide by the IMO regulations EEXI and CII, T.S. Lines has simultaneously deployed the vessels since 2019 ordered to build two 2700 Teu vessels at Wenchong Shipyard. They will phase in Australian Service in July and September respectively. Four 1900 Teu vessels have also confirmed the order with Wenchong Shipyard and are expected to be delivered after next year. Meanwhile, T.S. Lines confirmed to order four 7000 Teu containership newbuilds with SWS (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.) to comply with the latest environmental requirements at the cost of 300 million U.S. dollars to cooperate with Joint Venture service’s upgrade plan. The virtual signing ceremony will be held on 6th, July for the newbuilds order on the same day of T.S. Lines 20th anniversary. As scheduled the vessels will be delivered in 2023~2024 and deployed in the India-Pakistan service to keep depth with better service.

In view of the developments of the global COVID-19 epidemic situation remains severe this year, port congestions, container turnover days extended, and provision of container is still extremely tight. T.S. Lines has invested 65 million U.S. dollars this year to purchase new container equipment, and 11,000 TEUs have been delivered. 10,100 TEUs equipment is planned to be delivered in September this year, and the company’s total owned equipment will be 226,000 TEUs. In order to reduce the operating costs, T.S. Lines intends to add the proportion of owned containers as the short-run plan. With twenty years of all-out efforts, T.S. Lines operate 52 services in 16 countries within 62 ports nowadays. This is the new chapter for the next twenty years because the company  overcame the scene during an economic recession like 911, the strike of west coast of USA, the incident of Lehman Brothers, by  tapping in its advantage in professional management in crisis and growing young employees who are fully trained by the company. “Sailing along your needs”, T.S. Lines is turning into the best carrier who knows their customers.

Source : megateway