Company source of Evergreen line, Taiwan has confirmed  having placed order for building new large Box-ships worth Usd 2.6 billion.

News of this new order comes when the company is facing a setback and embarrassment as one of its large Box-ship ground in the Suez Canal and blocked the passage from commercial traffic for 6 days and at a time when the dispute between Evergreen and the Suez Canal Authorities are yet to be settled.

Further, it’s understood that the board of Directors of Evergreen have approved the order for 20 new Container ships and subsequently the order for building these Ships have be placed with Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea.

All these news Containerships will have capacity to transport 15000 Teus at a time. The construction cost of these new Ships are estimated at between Usd 115 million and 130 million per ship and contract value is fixed between Usd  2.3 million and 2.6 million responsibility.

Among the few details revealed by the Ship builders are that all the new Evergreen ships will be fitted with latest Energy saving devices and state of art Smart ship solutions electronic systems. The expected delivery is June 2025.

Ship builders Samsung claims this new order from Evergreen as one large single order ever in the world for building 20 large Container ship and would also help Samsung to continue as Leader in this segment of Shipbuilding.

During the 2021 the Korean ship building company Samsung have taken booking for 42 new various category ships valued at Usd 5 Billion.

The new order for 20 new Container ships with Samsung is considered to be the new expansion program of Evergreen for it’s fleet. Evergreen currently have a fleet of 200 Container ships with a carrying capacity of 1.3 million Teus.

As of the beginning of 2021 Evergreen have taken delivery of 16 new Containerships, including 7 – 12,000 Teus F type and 9 C type Container ships with carrying capacity of 1800 Teus during 2020.Evergreen have another 53 newly build Container ships in the pipeline to be delivered. In the long run, the company plans to phaseout all its old Own-ships and the Chartered ships and revamp their fleet with new technically advanced and cost-efficient new-age Container ships.

 “Ring out the old, ring in the new, ring happy bells for Evergreen…!!”