The first Cruise ship have already set sail on its first voyage after long break,after the outbreak of the epidemic “Coronavirus” commonly known as Covid 19.

 The Pandemic that effected all other business activities also brought the Cruise industry to a standstill for 15 months and after the long wait Passenger vessel “Celebrity Edge” have left the seaport of Everglades in Fort Lauderdale,Florida the hometown and hub of all the Cruise Operators in USA.

Passenger vessel Celebrity Edge that left Florida on the 4th July 2021, have taken on board only Passengers and Crewmembers who are vertically vaccinated and carries only 40% of it full carrying capacity. Pax Vessel Celebrity Edge is operated by the famous the  Royal Caribbean Cruise,who claims that 99% of passengers are vaccinated well above 95% requirements laid down by the Centre for disease control and prevention.

All the passengers were very excited to be the first to travel on board the first Passenger vessel that was flagged from the worlds hub port of Cruise vessels.

This move from USA have kick started the sleeping Cruise Industry business and subsequent to the first voyage of Celebrity Edge, Carnival Cruise have scheduled their first commencing voyages after the break from next month.