The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is in the process of independently checking claims that, in contravention of the US Shipping Act, carriers are refusing to carry export cargo.

“In the latest One-to-One interview, Commissioner Carl Bentzel told Container News that the FMC is looking at information provided to the commission that “in their hurry to get boxes back to Asia for [US] imports, the FMC has not paid attention to their obligations to provide our exporters with services  to our exporters.”Bentzel aforesaid the FMC is within the method of severally substantiating the allegations to form bound that they’re correct, however the “question is one in all reasonableness and we’re watching that currently.”The investigations into the carrier behaviour, following allegations from shippers has conjointly extended to evaluating the alliance agreements to know however they’re operating and to ascertain if there are unreasonable practices, “We have the authority to levy penalties,” additional Bentzel.

In a wide go interview covering the expected new developments inside the FMC, a replacement approach currently that the Biden administration has seized and a private interest of Bentzel himself the event of landlocked waterways within the United States to chop emissions and congestion at United States ports.