The US Federal Maritime Commission has voted to establish a National Shipper Advisory Committee, made up equally of importers and exporters, to “advise the Federal Maritime Commission on policies relating to the competitiveness, reliability, integrity, and fairness of the international ocean freight delivery system.”

The agency will publish and file the charter necessary to formally establish the committee, then solicit applications through a notice in the Federal Register and on the FMC website. Twenty-four members will be chosen from the applicants.

Commissioner Rebecca Dye applauded the decision. “I have long believed and said publicly on repeated occasions, the Commission would benefit from having a formal and established method for collecting the advice of its shipper constituency,” she said. “I encourage individuals with original ideas and a desire to lead to submit applications to be members of this Committee. There is no shortage of issues demanding the Commission’s attention. I am confident that with the right mix of people serving on the Advisory Committee, we can make meaningful progress in addressing those that are most urgent for the benefit of America’s freight delivery system.”

Source: Splash247