Global Ports Group, First Container Terminal (FCT) and Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company (VSC), have served the principal train completely stacked with cargo from Japan as a part of the Maersk’s AE19 multi-purpose travel service for the conveyance of containers from Asia to Europe through Russia.

A travel train with 40FEU of athletic apparel and gear left from VSC, situated in the profound water port of Vostochny, on 6 February, and after 11 days, on 16 February, shown up at FCT in the Big Port of St. Petersburg. Cargoes were first conveyed via ocean from the Japanese port of Yokohama to VSC, where they were stacked on a train and dispatched to St. Petersburg.

The containers will be stacked on Maersk vessel at FCT to be conveyed to the UK port of Felixstowe.The complete travel time from Japan to the UK is relied upon to be 40-45 days. Transportation through the Russian Railways network is coordinated by Maersk in association with the transportation and sending organization Modul.

The Ае19 service was first dispatched by Maersk in August 2019 in association with Global Ports and Modul to convey payload with least travel times from Asia to Europe by means of the ports of Vostochny and Saint Petersburg.

Travel containers are currently transported from VSC to FCT three times each week, while the service additionally works the other way for the conveyance of freight from Europe to Asia.