The state government on Friday allowed import of iron ore extracted in other states or countries for domestic consumption or export from Mormugao Port Authority (MPA). This will generate additional revenue for the state by way of Rs 50 per tonne as cess, processing fees and other incidental revenue opportunities.
The directorate of mines and geology notified amendments to the Goa (Prevention of Illegal Mining, Storage and Transportation of Minerals) Rules, 2013.
A senior officer said that it will also generate economic and employment opportunities and boost exports from the MPA.
“No person or company or firm other than an end-user or leaseholder registered under sub-rule (1) of rule 45 of the Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 2017, shall be allowed to import mineral from any state or Union territory within India or from outside India for consumption or export,” the amendment states.

“All imports shall be by rail route or road at the cost of importers under the strict supervision of directorate of mines and geology,” said mines director Suresh Shanbhogue.
As per the amendment, lease holders are responsible for the safe custody and accounting of the mineral till it reaches the end-user’s dockyards or jetty stockyards or MPA, and the trip sheet is electronically cancelled.
“There shall be separate import permits issued by the DMG for import of mineral for domestic consumption and for export. Mineral imported for domestic consumption will not be diverted for export and vice versa. The mineral procured either for domestic consumption or for export, will not be sold or exchanged with any other person or entity,” said Shanbhogue.
He said that no person other than the leaseholder or registered end-user shall store mineral.
The state had received representation from stakeholders requesting to allow them import of iron ore from Karnataka specifically for export from Mormugao port. Presently iron ore is being imported from Karnataka for domestic consumption only.

Source: timesofindia-indiatimes