The US-based shipping transportation company Great White Fleet has acquired 850 new containers refrigerated by Carrier Transicold’s energy-efficient PrimeLINE® units to support banana and pineapple export operations from Central America.

The new Carrier Transicold’s energy-efficient PrimeLINE® units acquired by Great White Fleet will replace older units and will be installed on new 40-foot high-cube containers to ship bananas and pineapples from Central America to Europe and North America.

“We have again selected the Carrier Transicold PrimeLINE unit based on its reliability, performance and especially for its high efficiency,” said Stefano Di Paolo, President of Great White Fleet. “Efficient performance reduces electricity demand on our vessels, along with related emissions, which helps to support our sustainability goal of reducing carbon emissions across all operations, as well as reduce our operating expenses.”

As Great White Fleet handles the majority of maintenance with its own technicians, the PrimeLINE unit’s ease of serviceability and availability of parts from Carrier Transicold depots in ports are also important in limiting the refrigerated units’ downtime, according to an announcement.

Source: Container News