Unfortunately, fully booked vessels and the tight equipment situation have a negative effect on our booking response times. Currently, Hapag-Lloyd cannot provide with a booking confirmation as quickly as we wish to,neither can  always act on booking amendments speedily. Regrettably, hapag-lloyd is unable to always offer alternative sailings used to under normal circumstances. It might come to booking rejections in case of exceeded vessel capacity or missing equipment availability.

To process  booking request in a timely manner, good data quality of their electronic bookings is essential, they therefore would like to take the opportunity to remind you of below mentioned data elements that need to be submitted at time of booking. Please be aware any booking received without the required information will be rejected:

  • Valid Quotation / Contract reference: If your contract contains more than one routing party, we kindly ask you to submit the respective Marketing Routing Party (“MR”) as well
  • Carrier’s haulage: Positioning date(s) and mode of transport – not accepted as free text; Loading references in case of need
  • Merchant’s haulage: Pick-up date(s) and, if applicable, indicate shipper’s owned equipment and provide the relevant container number(s)
  • POL/POD with intended departure/arrival dates
  • Quantity and Container Size Type – number and kind of equipment
  • Cargo weight, description & HS code (mandatory for US shipments) per container
  • Requirements for special cargo:
    o Reefer: temperature settings
    Out-Of-Gauge: overdimensions (L/W/H)
    DG Details: Complete data of the DGD in compliance with the IMDG Code

Those customers who have not subscribed to our CustomerNEWS yet, we recommend to do so to stay up to date.Furthermore, please also bear in mind any local information regarding temporary booking adjustments and/or suspensions.

Peak Season Surcharge – Mundra to Arabian Gulf

Please be aware of the following Peak Season Surcharge (PSS).

Effective 24 February 2021 for all cargo loading from Mundra (India) to Arabian Gulf* except Shuaiba(Kuwait).

  • $50 per 20’ Standard Container
  • $50 per 40’ Standard Container
  • $50 per 40’ High Cube Container

Effective 24 February 2021 for all cargo loading from Mundra (India) to Shuaiba (Kuwait).

  • $100 per 20’ Standard Container
  • $50 per 40’ Standard Container
  • $50 per 40’ High Cube Container

*Arabian Gulf Countries include UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Dammam and Jubail.

Export Waste Shipments via the Port of Antwerp

As laid down in the European Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) (Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 of 14 June 2006), it is mandatory that all cross-border transport of waste products are accompanied by a waste transport document.

The authorities in Belgium want to check the presence of such a document for all export waste shipments via the port of Antwerp. Until now, the documents could be handed over by the trucker at the terminal. Since this is no longer possible, the authorities are asking to send a PDF copy of the waste transport documents to a designated email address. This new procedure is mandatory as from February 22, 2021.

Shipping agents have a legal obligation to ensure that these documents are present prior to the departure. We therefore require receiving a copy of the email sent to the authorities and will block containers for which we have not received said email. Any additional costs caused by missing or incorrect documents will be for account of the cargo.

Start? Mandatory as from February 22, 2021

For? Waste shipments via the port of Antwerp (this also includes scrap metal)

When? The documents have to be sent latest at arrival of the container on terminal (see also (3) below)

What? PDF copy of:
 The Information document (“Annex VII” of the WSR, Art 18)
 The Notification and movement documents (Annexes 1A and 1B of the WSR, Art 2)

Where to? omgevingsinspectie.atd@vlaanderen.be with CC: your local Hapag-Lloyd Booking contact (as mentioned on the booking confirmation)

The authorities require the subject of the e-mail to be in the following format:


(1) In case of shipments of multiple containers, the last delivered container has to be mentioned in the subject line, and ALL containers of the shipment as text in the body of the email
(2) The Basel code is the code mentioned in box 10(i) of the ANNEX VII document or in box 14(i) of the Movement document
(3) In case the MRN is only issued after arrival of the container(s) on the terminal, the email has to be sent immediately after the MRN has been released by customs

An e-mail that does not have the correct title format will NOT be registered for the correct container!