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Cochin Port TrustCochinEPABX Number- +91 484 2668163 / / Terminals
Cochin Port ChairpersonCochin+91 484 2668200 +91 484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Dy.ChairmanCochin+91 484 2666412 +91484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Traffic ManagerCochin+91 484 2666418 +91484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Chief Mechanical EngineerCochin+91 484 2666639 +91484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Chief EngineerCochin+91 484 2666414 +91 484 / Terminals
Cochin Port F.A.& C.A.O.Cochin+91 484 2666582 +91 484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Chief Medical OfficerCochin+91 484 2666402 +91 484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Deputy ConservatorCochin+91 484 2666417 +91 484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Chief Vigilance OfficerCochin+91 484 2668041 +91 484 / Terminals
Cochin Port Secretary/ Public Relations OfficerCochin+91 484 2667722 +91 484 Port / Terminals
Hiralal & Co. Goa+91-(832) 251 2453, 251 3828hiralal@hiralalgoa.comShipping Companies
J.M. Baxi & Co.Goa+91-(832) 251 0483, 251 2583mgoa@jmbaxi.comShipping Companies
Vedanta Ltd.Goa+91-(832) 251 3057, 251 3053Shipping Companies
A C T Shipping LTDCochin3083555,56,wilma@actship.comC H A / C & F Agents
MIV Logistics Pvt. Ltd.,Cochin91+484 2883013customerservice@mivcfs.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
Eazy trans Pvt. ltd,.Cochin91+484 2987303eazytrans@gmail.comTrailer Operators
Entry Way Shipping and Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Cochin+91 484 2968331kunjumon@entrywaylogistics.comShipping Companies
Marine Container Services India Pvt. Ltd;Cochin+91 484 4077901, Companies
SHREE DAKSHINA LOGISTIXSCoimbatore+91 4224346750, 2412510shreedakshina@gmail.comShipping Companies
SHREE DAKSHINA LOGISTIXSCochin09388617627shreedakshina.cok@gmail.comShipping Companies
Rec Maritime Pvt. Ltd;Cochin9744422688omar@recmaritime.comShipping Companies
Orchid Shipping Pvt. Ltd;Cochin+91 484 2668346, 48varghese@pmapl.comShipping Companies
Seabridge Marine Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Cochin +91 484 2668346, 48varghese@pmapl.comShipping Companies
Choice Intermodal ServicesCochin+91 484 2759603inmmn@hmm21.comShipping Companies
Airtravel Enterprises India Ltd;Cochin+91 484 4067300Muralidharan.ate@ategroup.orgShipping Companies
Avana Logistek LtdCochin+91 484 2669969Krishnakumark.avana@transworld.comShipping Companies
Bilander Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Cochin+91 484 4865829anil@bilanderlogistics.comShipping Companies
PhoenixMangalore0824 2227123123basithali@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Raftaar Logistics India Pvt. Ltd;Mangalore 9343293476 Charles.stephens@raftaar.coC H A / C & F Agents
Seagreen Stevedoring & Logistics Pvt. Ltd; Mangalore9884944970somasundaram@seagreen.inC H A / C & F Agents
Act Infraport Ltd.Mangalore0824 2495545mangalore@actship.comC H A / C & F Agents
Alvares and ThomasMangalore0824 2211792,,C H A / C & F Agents
Ambiga EnterprisesMangalore0824 2455934ambigaenterprises@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Amogha Shipping AgencyMangalore0824 245489, 2455589agency@amoghalogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Amogha LogisticsMangalore0824 245489, 2455589agency@amoghalogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Aspinwall and Co. Ltd.Mangalore0824 2881300shekhara.pujari@aspinwall.inC H A / C & F Agents
B.F. Ahmed and Co.Mangalore0824 H A / C & F Agents
CargolinksMangalore0824 2458765, 2459135agency@cargolinks.netC H A / C & F Agents
Classic Clearing & Forwarding Pvt. Ltd.Mangalore0824 2406263, 2400063mangalore@classicclearing.comC H A / C & F Agents
Cochin Clearing House Pvt. Ltd;Mangalore0824, 2452042ashwath@cchouse.inC H A / C & F Agents
Devshi Bhanji KhonaMangalore0824 2451041dbkhona@sancharnet.inC H A / C & F Agents
ETA LogisticsMangalore0824 2435858etalogisticsmlr@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Bhavani Shipping Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,Mangalore0824 2457482info@bhavanigroups.comShipping Companies
Parekh Marine ServicesMangalore0824 2452663agency.mlr@gmail.comShipping Companies
Act Infraport Ltd.Mangalore0824 2495545, 2496676mangalore@actship.comShipping Companies
Admiral Shipping Ltd.Mangalore0824 2441050, 2440738mangalore@atlanticshpg.comShipping Companies
Benline Agencies (I) Pvt. Ltd.Mangalore0824 2450024india.general@benlineagencies.inShipping Companies
B.S.V Shipping Agencies Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore080 30808092, 93bsv.shipping@bsvship.comShipping Companies
Goodrich Maritime Pvt. Ltd.Mangalore9167046255 9167039364dhiresh@goodrichindia.comShipping Companies
Jyothi Marine Services Pvt. Ltd;Mangalore0891 2577299ops@jyothigroup.comShipping Companies
Machado & Sons.Mangalore0824 4281698mangalore@machadogoa.comShipping Companies
Preetika Shipping Agency Pvt. Ltd.,Mangalore022 22623846, 22626051admin@preetikashipping.comShipping Companies
Samsara Shipping Pvt. Ltd.,Mangalore0824 4275505commlr@samsarashipping.comShipping Companies
Sea Link AgenciesMangalore0824 2452131, 2452621mangalore@interrocean.inShipping Companies
Seascape Shipping Agency India Pvt. Ltd.Mangalore022 22691018ops.seascapemgl@gmail.comShipping Companies
Shree Vaishnavi Shipping & LogisticsMangalore0824 Shipping Companies
Universal Shipping ServicesMangalore0824 Companies
Agencia Commerical Maritima Goa+91-(832) 251 3934, 251 4448acmgoa@gmail.comShipping Companies
Atlantic Shipping Pvt. Ltd;Goa91-(832) 251 3316atlantic@atlanticshpg.comShipping Companies
Machado & Sons, Agents & Stevedores Pvt. Ltd;Goa+91-(832) 251 2444machadogoa@machadogoa.comShipping Companies
Elesbao Pereira & Sons Goa+91-(832) 251 3969, 251 1727agency@pereiraco.comShipping Companies
Interocean Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd;Goa91-(832) 250 1908, 251 1519-Shipping Companies
Merchant Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd;Goa+91 – (832) 2501838commgoa@merchantshpg.comShipping Companies
Chowgule Brothers Pvt. Ltd;Goa+91-(832) 252 5102, 252 Companies
Keshav Narayan Kamat & CoGoa91-(832) 252 1064knkamatnco@gmail.comShipping Companies
Samsara Shipping Pvt. Ltd;Goa+91-(832) 251 3123, 250 1838commgoa@samsarashipping.comShipping Companies
Seaworld Shipping And Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Goa+91-(832) 2500592, 655 1915sslgoa@goaseaworldship.comShipping Companies
R.B.S. KundaikarGoa+91-(832) 2521983sanjivkundaiker@rediffmail.comShipping Companies
Choice Intermodal ServicesGoa+91-(832) 2500004-Shipping Companies
K Steamship Agencies Pvt. LtdGoa+91-(832) 251 3390, 2510397-Shipping Companies
ABM Shipping & Trading P. Ltd.Tuticorin0461 4001799, 2320328 Companies
Adele Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd;Tuticorin0461 2335226-Shipping Companies
Aissa Maritime Pvt. Ltd.,Tuticorin0461 4210101, 4210102 Shipping Companies
A.M. Ahamed & Co.,Tuticorin0461 2321786, 2326786 Shipping Companies
Ancheril Agencies Tuticorin0461 4000144, Shipping Companies
APL India Pvt. Ltd.,Tuticorin0461 39890123s_jebakumar@apl.comShipping Companies
A.S. Shipping Agencies PTuticorin0461 2375937, 2375957 jskumar_tut@moonlightshipping .com Shipping Companies
Aspinwall & Co. Ltd.,Tuticorin0461 2352157tut.mng@aspinwallgroup.comShipping Companies
Atlantic Shipping Pvt. Ltd.Tuticorin0461 4002781, 2328781aspltuti@airtelmail.inShipping Companies
Bengal Tiger Line (India) Pvt. Ltd ;Tuticorin0461 2325328, 2321957 swami@btl-feeders.comShipping Companies
Ben Line Agencies (India) Pvt. Ltd.,Tuticorin0461 2339501, 2339500 Shipping Companies
B.S.V. Shipping Agencies Pvt. Ltd.,Tuticorin0461 2330166, 2335298bsvship@vsnl.comShipping Companies
Blue Marine Logistics Pvt. Ltd.,Tuticorin0461 2334862, 2339113 bmts2000@yahoo.comShipping Companies
Chakiat Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Tuticorin0461 4252615, 4252666jeyanth_thomas@chakiat.netShipping Companies
Choice Intermodal ServicesTuticorin0461 2328795, Shipping Companies
Allied Cargo Services (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-41 73 83 00cargo@alliedcargo.netShipping Companies
Atlas Logistics Pvt. LtdBangalore+91-80-41 98 50 Companies
Dart Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-3980 0800tarun.blrco@dartglobal.comShipping Companies
GSN freight Forwarding India Ltd;Bangalore+91-974 130 44 01malik@gsnfreight.comShipping Companies
Hariharan Logistics Bangalore+91-80-25 45 75 51tvp@hhlgrp.comShipping Companies
HTL Logistics India Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-520 11 96amratha@htllogistics.comShipping Companies
M/S Brisk Freight India Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91 080 412 113 02nagubabu@briskgroup.coShipping Companies
On Time International Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-47 45 89 00sheryl.j@blr.ontime-express.comShipping Companies
PDS Logistics International Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-2522 97 27arvind@pdslogistics.comShipping Companies
Scope Amra Logistics India Pvt. LtdBangalore+91-80-40 79 92 22dgr@scopelogistics.comShipping Companies
Sevenseas Global Express Logistics Pvt. LtdBangalore+91-80-42-69 40 00tossy.j@sevenseasexpress.comShipping Companies
Transys Global Forwarding Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-8048 5388 82vinod@tgfworld.comShipping Companies
Uniworld Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-25 63 33 66admin.blr@uniworld-logistics.comShipping Companies
VIA Logistics Pvt. LtdBangalore+91-80-42 00 52 83annu.tinwalla@vialogistics.netShipping Companies
Tripath Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-32 56 33 78bala@blr.tripathlogistics.comShipping Companies
Sindhu Cargo Services Ltd;Bangalore+91-80-3391 3391balaraju@sindhucargo.comShipping Companies
A2Z Logistics India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai+91-44-45 58 80 23ramesh@a2zlogistics.inShipping Companies
ACE Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Chennai+91-9003057855aju.soman@aceexpressindia.comShipping Companies
Aero Trans Global Forwarding India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai+91-44 4856 6020info@aerotransglobal.comShipping Companies
AIKI Logistics Pvt. LtdChennai+91-44-25 21 65 56accounts@aikilogistics.comShipping Companies
Airogo Logistics Pvt. LtdChennai+91-44-25 36 77 31info@airogo.netShipping Companies
Alba Tross Logistics Pvt. LtdChennai+91-44-28 55 11 41cmd@albatrosslogistix.comShipping Companies
ARK LineChennai +91-44-25 22 22 51agesh@arkline.netShipping Companies
Bharat Logistics Solutions Pvt. LtdChennai+91-44-42 90 19 01solutions@bharatlogistics.comShipping Companies
Broekman Logistics India Pvt. LtdChennai+91-44-22 20 15 91rajiv@broekmanlogistics.inShipping Companies
Cargo International India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai+91-444 215 4000prasath@cargo-int.comShipping Companies
Chakiat Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Chennai+91-44-42 96 17 00, 044 4296 1600/601, Companies
Dahnay Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Chennai+91-44-42 17 36 01murali@dahnaylogix.comShipping Companies
Draft Cargoways India Pvt. LtdChennai+91-44-523 13 83prasad@draftcargoways.comShipping Companies
Excel Maritime & Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Chennai+91-44-391 887 75excel@excelmaritime.inShipping Companies
Fairmacs Shipping & Transport Services Pvt. LtdChennai+91-44-49 26 66 83info@fairmacs.comShipping Companies
Transsphere Logistiks Pvt. LtdCochin+91 484 4861137vasu@transsphere.inShipping Companies
Aspinwall & Co. Ltd;Cochin+91 30042701cochin@aspinwall.inShipping Companies
Best Track's Shipping ServiceChennai044 Operators
Sreenivasa Road Carriers Chennai044 24415031-Trailer Operators
"K" Steamship Agencies Chennai044 25222831, 25228970imports@linekay.comShipping Companies
A S Shipping Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 25342261, 25279034assa@shippingline.comShipping Companies
Aissa Maritime Pvt. Ltd;Chennai 044 25346651, 2535 9400che@aissamaritime.comShipping Companies
APL India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 39890123, 39859898maasales@apl.comShipping Companies
Benline Agencies India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 65716751, 25353010maa.general@benlineagencies.comShipping Companies
Box Trans Shipping Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 25234121, 25229282chennai@boxtransindia.comShipping Companies
CMA- CGM Agencies India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 3018 4137, 38mdr.genbox@cma-cgm.comShipping Companies
Cosco India Shipping Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42103234, Shipping Companies
CSAV Group Agencies India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 43555181, 85pbalaji@csavagency-in.comShipping Companies
ECL Puyvast India Pvt. LtdChennai044 4266 Companies
Emirates Shipping Agencies India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 4393 1000chennai@in.emiratesline.comShipping Companies
Evergreen Shipping Agencies India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 Companies
Globelink WW India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 28116432, 36glww.chn@globelinkww.comShipping Companies
Good Rich Maritime Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42849967, 69goodrichcheenai@airtelmail.inShipping Companies
Hapag Lloyd India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 43930779, 0717as_in_ma2@hlag.comShipping Companies
Hyundai Merchant Marine India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 43435100sunil@hmm21.comShipping Companies
J M Baxi & co.Chennai044 25223717, 25262chennai@jmbaxi.comShipping Companies
Maersk India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 33402600indcsedirmaa@maersk.comShipping Companies
Merchant Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42965802, 05merchn@merchantshpg.comShipping Companies
MSC Agency India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42252900, 18chennai@mscindia.comShipping Companies
Oasis Shipping Pvt. LtdChennai044 42965802, 05kalyan@oasisshipping.comShipping Companies
Parekh Marine Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 4244 4700parekhchennai@pmpal.comShipping Companies
PIL India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 66840500, 30 Shipping Companies
Samsara Shipping Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42965800chennai@samsarashipping.comShipping Companies
Sea Bridge Maritime Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42444700parekhchennai@pmpal.comShipping Companies
Seahorse Ship Agencies Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42167896, Companies
Star Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 43994141mkt@starship-maa.zim.comShipping Companies
TAI-PAN Shipping Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 25249350, 54chennai@tpnindia.comShipping Companies
The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd;Chennai044 25231401, Companies
TLPL Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 42009962ibscs.chennai@twlogix.comShipping Companies
Trans Marine Agencies India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 49018888info@transmarine.inShipping Companies
United Liner Agencies Of India Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 25249350, 53chennai@ulaindia.comShipping Companies
Viking Shipping Chennai Pvt. Ltd;Chennai044 25351019admin@vikingshipping.comShipping Companies
WAN HAI Lines LimitedChennai044 39419090whimaa@wanhai.comShipping Companies
Yang Ming Line India Pvt. LtdChennai044 42221111maa-mkt@yml.inShipping Companies
ABSCO Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-veeclearing@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
A J D'cruz & Sons Coimbatore-logisticstpr@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
A V Thomas & Company LtdCoimbatore-eldho@avtco.inC H A / C & F Agents
Aakarsh Air & Sea Freight Forwarders Pvt. LtdCoimbatore-aarathy@aakarshfreight.comC H A / C & F Agents
Aditya Sea & Air LogisticsCoimbatore-rameshadityacjb@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Agility Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatore-ksajith@agilitylogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Ahlers India Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-krishnakumar-cjb@ahlersindia.comC H A / C & F Agents
All Cargo Logistics Ltd;Coimbatore-sales.tpr@allcargologistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Anand Transport Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-giriram@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Aramex India Pvt. LtdCoimbatore-antony.dossz@aramax.comC H A / C & F Agents
ASN Logistics Coimbatore-asnlogisticstut@yahoo.comC H A / C & F Agents
Aspinwall & Company LtdCoimbatore-sridhar.j@aspinwall.inC H A / C & F Agents
Berrio Logistics India Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-jkk@berriologistics. ComC H A / C & F Agents
Blue World CargoCoimbatore-imp@bwclogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Bollore Logistics India LtdCoimbatore-kalyana.moorthy@bollore.comC H A / C & F Agents
Brizo Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-sasi.cjb@brizoglobal.comC H A / C & F Agents
Caravel Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-cscbe@caravellogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Cargo Carters & Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-sales@cargo-carrier.netC H A / C & F Agents
Cargo Consol India Pvt. LtdCoimbatore-prakash.cbe@cargoconsol.inC H A / C & F Agents
Cargo Solutions Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-subha@cargosolution.comC H A / C & F Agents
Cargo Lift Logistics Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-balajitpr@cargoliftlogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Chakiat Agencies Coimbatore -david@chakiat.netC H A / C & F Agents
Cleford Shipping Company- IALCoimbatore-pradeepvc@ial.comC H A / C & F Agents
CMA CGM Agencies India Pvt. Ltd;Coimbatore-coi.spremkumar@cma-cgm.comC H A / C & F Agents
Consol ExpressCoimbatore-arun@consol.expressC H A / C & F Agents
Gateway East India Pvt.Ltd.Cochin0484 2276326, 27gld@sify.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
Kerala State Warehousing CorporationCochin0484 2377137, 2375537kerwacor@gmail.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
Container Corporation of India (CONCOR)Tuticorin91 461 2340116, 23401vijayarajah@concorindia.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
ST. John Freight System LtdTuticorin91 461 352708,, david@stjohntrack.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
Continental Warehousing Corporation Chennai09840994317, 93917redhillscfs@cwcnsl.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
Chandra CFS & Terminal Operators Pvt. LtdChennai044 27933022Container Freight Station (CFS)
CWC MadhavaramChennai25530454, Freight Station (CFS)
Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR)Cochin+91 484 2971211, 7411rejo.peter@concorindia.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
CWC RoyapuramChennai044-25961171Container Freight Station (CFS)
CWC VirugambakkamChennai044-23643043, 44Container Freight Station (CFS)
CWC ChormepetChennai044-22233440, 4012Container Freight Station (CFS)
German Express Shipping Agency (India ) Pvt. LtdChennai+91 044 25613600cfschennai@gesaindia.comContainer Freight Station (CFS)
Indian Corporate Business Centre LtdChennai044 25940628, Freight Station (CFS)
Sattva CFS and Logistics Pvt Ltd Chennai91 44 25931631pathy@sattva.inContainer Freight Station (CFS)
Absco Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreveeclearing@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
A J D'Cruz & SonsCoimbatorelogisticstpr@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
A V Thomas & Company LtdCoimbatoreeldho@avtco.inC H A / C & F Agents
Aakarsh Air & Sea Frieght Forwarders Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreaarathy@aakarshfreight.comC H A / C & F Agents
Aditya Sea & Air LogisticsCoimbatorerameshadityacjb@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Agility Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreksajith@agilitylogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Ahlers India Pvt. LtdCoimbatorekrishnakumar-cjb@ahlersindia.comC H A / C & F Agents
All Cargo LogisticsCoimbatoresales.tpr@allcargologistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Anand Transport Pvt. LtdCoimbatoregiriram@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Aramex India Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreantony.dossz@aramax.comC H A / C & F Agents
ASN LogisticsCoimbatoreasnlogisticstut@yahoo.comC H A / C & F Agents
Aspinwall & Company LtdCoimbatoresridhar.j@aspinwall.inC H A / C & F Agents
Berrio Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatorejkk@berriologistics. ComC H A / C & F Agents
Blue world CargoCoimbatoreimp@bwclogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Bollore Logistics India LtdCoimbatorekalyana.moorthy@bollore.comC H A / C & F Agents
Brizo Global Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresasi.cjb@brizoglobal.comC H A / C & F Agents
Caravel Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatorecscbe@caravellogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Cargo Carters & Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresales@cargo-carrier.netC H A / C & F Agents
Cargo Consol India Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreprakash.cbe@cargoconsol.inC H A / C & F Agents
Cargo Solutions Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresubha@cargosolution.comC H A / C & F Agents
Cargolift Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatorebalajitpr@cargoliftlogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Chakiat AgenciesCoimbatoredavid@chakiat.netC H A / C & F Agents
Cleford Shipping CompanyCoimbatorepradeepvc@ial.comC H A / C & F Agents
CMA-CGM Agencies India Pvt. LtdCoimbatorecoi.spremkumar@cma-cgm.comC H A / C & F Agents
Consol ExpressCoimbatorearun@consol.expressC H A / C & F Agents
Console Shipping Services Pvt. LtdCoimbatorectraj@cssindiagroup.comC H A / C & F Agents
Crystal CargoCoimbatorecrystalcargo3@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Dacher India Pvt. LtdCoimbatorecrystalcargo3@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Eminent Sea & Air Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreeminentcbe@vsnl.netC H A / C & F Agents
EMS Cargo Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreaalltax@hotmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
EMU Lines Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresales.coimbatore@emulines.inC H A / C & F Agents
E-Port Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatorerajesh@eport.inC H A / C & F Agents
Eros Freight ForwardersCoimbatoreselvam@erosfreight.comC H A / C & F Agents
Euro Exim Services Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreselvamj@euroeximindia.comC H A / C & F Agents
Everwin Logistics India Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreraj@everwinlogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Expo Freight Pvt. LtdCoimbatoredominicg@expofreight.comC H A / C & F Agents
Flyjac Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreairexport.cbe@flyjac.comC H A / C & F Agents
Freight AG Pvt. LtdCoimbatoremaju@aglwob.comC H A / C & F Agents
Galactic TransCoimbatoredta@ilogisolutions.comC H A / C & F Agents
GL Shipping Services India Pvt. LtCoimbatoreglbss@vsnl.comC H A / C & F Agents
GLO Shipping & Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreliner@gloshipping.comC H A / C & F Agents
Global Freight ServicesCoimbatoreglobaltiru@eth.netC H A / C & F Agents
Global Shipping ServicesCoimbatorerajesh@gloshipping.comC H A / C & F Agents
Globelink WW India Pvt. LtdCoimbatorenandakumar.cmb@globelinkww.comC H A / C & F Agents
GLV LogisticxCoimbatoreglv@glvlogisticx.comC H A / C & F Agents
Greenwich Meridian Logistics India Pvt. LtdCoimbatorepartha@gmlindia.netC H A / C & F Agents
GSK International Logistic ServicesCoimbatoreg.sampathkannan@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
GSP Global LogisticsCoimbatoregseethapathi@gspindia.netC H A / C & F Agents
ICI Link International India LtdCoimbatorecbe@icilink.orgC H A / C & F Agents
Insoorya Express CargoCoimbatoreedwin@intelexpresscargo.comC H A / C & F Agents
Jay Yes H A / C & F Agents
Jay Yem Impex Pvt. H A / C & F Agents
Jeena & H A / C & F Agents
Jeevan Shipping & Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoredoccjb@jeevanshipping.inC H A / C & F Agents
Joveens Logistics & Services Pvt. LtdCoimbatorejoveens@eth.netC H A / C & F Agents
Jupiter Sea & Air H A / C & F Agents
Kelo LogisticsCoimbatorekelologistics@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Kerry Indev Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoremathi.marimuthu@kerryindev.comC H A / C & F Agents
Kintetsu World Express Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresrinivasan.l@kwe.comC H A / C & F Agents
Kuehne + Nagel Pvt. H A / C & F Agents
Kulothunga Shipping ServicesCoimbatoreeldhokulothunga@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
LA Freightlift Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreselvam-cjb@laflcargo.comC H A / C & F Agents
Lakshmi Cargo Company LtdCoimbatorelcccbe@lakshmicargo.comC H A / C & F Agents
LCL Logisticx India Pvt. LtdCoimbatorelakshmi@coimbatore.lcllogistix.comC H A / C & F Agents
Leap International Pvt. LtdCoimbatorecbe@leaap.comC H A / C & F Agents
Leo ForwarderzCoimbatoreleo.cbe@hotmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Lizma Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreananth@lizmalogistics.netC H A / C & F Agents
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MSA Shipping Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresundar@msashipping.comC H A / C & F Agents
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Samsara Shipping Pvt. LtdCoimbatorestanley@samsarashipping.comC H A / C & F Agents
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Sarvam Logistics India Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresaravanakumar@sarvamlogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
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SealincCoimbatoreinfo@meridiangrp.inC H A / C & F Agents
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Streamline Logistics Pvt. H A / C & F Agents
Sudharsan Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresancocbe@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
Swift Shipping Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreswiftcbe@swiftcargo.comC H A / C & F Agents
Synergy Cargo Management Pvt. H A / C & F Agents
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Tripadam Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatorejayakumar@tripadamlogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Tripath Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoresuresh@cjb.tripathlogistics.comC H A / C & F Agents
Ultimate LogisticsCoimbatoremdevcbe@gmail.comC H A / C & F Agents
United Liner Agencies India Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreopscbe@ulaindia.comC H A / C & F Agents
United Shipping Services Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreusstir@ulindia.comC H A / C & F Agents
Veefour Logistics Pvt. LtdCoimbatoreveefour@touchtelindia.netC H A / C & F Agents
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Welgrow Line Pvt. LtdCoimbatoremanohar2imbexservicesindia.comC H A / C & F Agents
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