Led by Shameem Haider, the CEO of the group, HDB CO LTD invites all small and big industries to join hands to take the logistics segment ahead.
With all the recent advances in technology that has got our society and economy booming at a very good pace, it has undoubtedly been at the forefront for many successful ventures and breakthroughs. Logistics industry is one such niche which now depends a lot on new technologies to not only strive but to excel as well. From moving on from old conventional measures which included to move goods through railways networks, ships, airplanes and automobiles, people now want the same network to act faster and deliver before time to meet desired results. The introduction of internet into logistics system has changed the game for many modern era companies which now incorporate many web-based systems, software, and programs to trach your shipment faster and provide real-time analysis for the consumer. One such company that is bossing their name and game in the shipping and logistics domain is HDB CO LTD.

With great demand and rise in e-commerce space, the next gen customers now wish that they can track their shipment and reach them in record time. The never-ending needs of this customer never goes down and with ever increasing competition, good logistics company always have to be on their toes for delivering results and excellence. HDB CO LTD is one firm who wishes to bridge this gap and provide the best-in-class services to its clients. They offer the prerequisite speed and convenience with respect to logistics and make a reasonably fair attempt to provide a good experience for their customers. With a great team working under the leadership of Mr. Shameem Haider they have been flourishing as a strong logistics partner for many reputed and esteemed companies. They provide supply chain visibility and management building stronger global presence to provide customers access to an extensive logistics network.

HDB CO LTD has diversified verticals that they work into like FCL AND LCL in Ocean freight, this shipping services is carried out from ports of China, Vietnam, Thailand. They are into Air fright which is air shipping/cargo from all airports to all airports over the world. They are also into Land transport across all south east asia group. They carry out multiple export and import businesses to many countries like India, China, Australia, Europe, America. They also provide shipping, freight forwarding, web designing services with artificial intelligence.
HDB CO LTD is now coming up with a base in Vientiane, LAOS with Miss.Da Baitham leading as their chief operating officer in LAOS and catering to many other countries like Japan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand. With Mr. Shameem Haider as their CEO, they are further spreading their wings into countries of India, Europe, United States, Australia, and Dubai.
With an vision in mind to become an ace logistics partner and help in achieving deliverables by igniting tremendous possibilities throughout the industry, HDB CO LTD looks forward to grow and excel in coming days.

Source: theubj