On November 24, the 15,000TEU container ship CMA CGM OSIRIS built by China Shipbuilding Trading and Hudong-Zhonghua for CMA CGM was christened and delivered in Shanghai.

CMA CGM OSIRIS is the third of the five 15,000TEU conventional power container ships ordered by CMA CGM in Hudong Zhonghua. After delivery, the ship will serve the route from the Far East to the Middle East.

The project was signed on the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France under the witness of the top leaders of China and France. It is one of the important fruits of cooperation between CSSC and CMA CGM.

The ship is 366 meters in length and 51 meters in width. It was developed and designed by MARIC. The equipment made in China reaches 90%. It meets Tier III emission standards of IMO and EEDI Phase Ⅲ. It is a new generation of green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly container ship.

The delivery of CMA CGM OSIRIS marks Hudong Zhonghua’s completion of the 2021 delivery task assigned by China State Shipbuilding Corporation ahead of schedule.

Source: vesselfinder